Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday in the City

The sun is shining and life is busy. I noticed on the morning news that there are job fairs today for Veterans across the country today - great idea and hope it works for them. Off to start the day.

The Dynasty 18 files are finished (18=9). It is probably the most interesting and colorful dynasty with some memorable characters. Here's the way to Tut's Tomb if you want to venture back in time. Then there's the Akhenaten insert with a link to Ancient Aliens. Akhenaten and Nefertiti's corpses/mummies will never be found. They left just as Jesus did. Beam me up! Of course, none of it ever really happened as everything is myth, math, and metaphor. BTW ... Isn't it almost Easter? And the Pope is where ... doing what? And people around the world are going to go to church on Easter Sunday ... why?

Elongated Skull


According to Ancient Alien Theory ... Nefertiti and Akhenaten were not of this world ... coming here to help humans understand that there is only one god ... light and consciousness ... and the worship of stone idols is false. Was that really the sun they were praying to, or something else?

Three thousand years ago, the rebel Pharaoh Akhenaten preached monotheism and enraged the Nile Valley. Less than 100 years after Akhenaten's death, Moses would be preaching monotheism on the bank of the Nile River, to the Israelis. The idea of a single God once the radical belief of an isolated heretic is now embraced by Moslems, Christians, and Jews throughout the world. The vision of Akhenaten lives on! See you soon ...

Wednesday, I tackle the 19th Dynasty, then all that remains is the 20th Dynasty, as I reviewed the rest last week.

Monday, I discovered when I created the dynasty files - 1999. My research at that time led me to a website posted by Audrey in Australia. There was a connection with her theories but I never posted a link and forgot about it until it found me on Monday - grid connections. It all began with aliens (Giants, Nephilim) and biogenetic experiments on planet Earth (the Science Project/Projection).

We move to the Dynastic Age in Egypt ... Narmer and all things related ... The Narmer Plate is a Sky Chart on Audrey's website. I never linked to it, forgot about it, but as time runs out ... it found me Monday while searching for Narmer. Among her theories Audrey posted images of the Pschen - which take us to Above and Below - reunion and completion. On page 10 she mentions July 3 and 4 which is what connected me to her work in the first place.

White Crown

Red Crown

I've always been drawn to the white crown worn by Osiris and found a file I wrote 10 years ago - Conical Hats. It all comes down to reality as a consciousness hologram or experiment that is about to end.

Ancient Egyptian Dynasties

Thuthmose III - blue Extraterrestrials from Sirius