Monday, March 26, 2012

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The Supreme Court's health care reform case - What to expect   AP - March 26, 2012

On Monday, the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments in one of the most politically charged cases in years. Attorneys representing 26 states, most led by Republican governors, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) will spar with Justice Department lawyers over what President Obama called his proudest achievement--health care reform.

Official: North Korea moves long-range rocket to launch pad   CNN - March 26, 2012

Just hours after the United States warned that North Korea would achieve nothing with threats or provocations, Pyongyang moved a long-range rocket it plans to test fire to a launch pad Monday, a South Korean defense ministry official said.

Celestial Triangle - March 26, 2012

I'm updating the files

Ancient Egyptian Dynasties

Continuing with ...

Thuthmose III which brings to mind blue Extraterrestrials from Sirius


I woke up Sunday morning seeing this Egyptian headdress - with emphasis on the spiral. For now I am up to the 18th dynasty and just finished Hatshepsut. Reviewing that file brought back memories of flying over Hatshepsut's Temple Complex in a hot air balloon in December 2000. I also remembered a phone conversation about Hatshepsut with Zahi Hawass and how differently he pronounces her name among other topics related to her temple complex.

When I saw the Pschent in my dream, I had no idea what it meant and was too busy to search for it. I knew it would show up and there it was in Dynasty 18 in the Hatshepsut file. I know I must have seen the Pschent in the past as it is generally associated with Horus, son of Isis (Sirius), but now it had a name. It never ceases to amaze me how the human brain pays little attention to things until it is ready to understand the message.

In essence the Pschent represents the Pharaoh's power over all of unified Egypt (unification rings a bell). The invention of the Pschent is generally attributed to the First Dynasty pharaoh Menes (I was there), but the first one to wear a Double Crown was First Dynasty pharaoh Djet: a rock inscription shows his Horus wearing it. Isis and Thoth writing stories - I remember that too - and the space ships and science - and this being a biogenetic experiment. As to the dynasties - now I understand why I procrastinated doing this review for 12 years. The names and dates and bios are confusing and based on outdated lists. Thoth is fired! Further, I have no idea what all the fuss is about the mummies. It's all ancient history to me, but I will finish the rest in the days ahead.

Check this out ... Monday I searched google images for "Pschent Djet" and had

an Aha (Dynasty 1) Moment when my book showed up in the first few images !

Who set that up? I have to wonder.

Neither Pschent nor Djet are mentioned in the book.


The most popular client issues for March

a rise in autoimmune diseases as souls burn out,

denial about how to deal with a failing relationship,

failure of expectations from adult children and


discovering where the karma lies with them.

Life, all life, is experienced through patterns ...

Did you know that leaves grow following the Fibonacci sequence?

First 1 leaf, then 2 more, then 3 more, etc.