Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The White Hats

The file on Thuthmose III - a Pharaoh from the Eighteenth Dynasty - is finished (18=9). Monday, I discovered when I created the dynasty files - 1999. My research at that time led me to a website posted by Audrey in Australia. There was a connection with her theories but I never posted a link and forgot about it until it found me on Monday - grid connections. It all began with aliens (Giants, Nephilim) and biogenetic experiments on planet Earth (the Science Project/Projection).

We move to the Dynastic Age in Egypt ... Narmer and all things related ... The Narmer Plate is a Sky Chart on Audrey's website. I never linked to it, forgot about it, but as time runs out ... it found me Monday while searching for Narmer. Among her theories Audrey posted images of the Pschen - which take us to Above and Below - reunion and completion - see Page 9 of her website. On page 10 she mentions July 3 and 4 which is what connected me to her work in the first place.

White Crown

Red Crown

I've always been drawn to the white crown worn by Osiris and found a file I wrote 10 years ago - Conical Hats. It all comes down to reality as a consciousness hologram or experiment that is about to end.