Thursday, March 29, 2012

Military Maneuvers

'Hiring our Heroes' job fairs --- I noticed on the morning news that there are job fairs today for Veterans across the country today - great idea and hope it works for them. Most of the soldiers I am reading now, who are being deployed to a war zone, are not able to tell me where they are going and what they are doing when they get there. This is most unusual. They are more concerned about what they will do when they get out. None of them plan to remain on active duty. I am part of the growing majority who think we should never be fighting overseas - or just make it quick and get out. If you think your soul is tired - think about these people. The energies of war are changing. Feel it.

If we go back as far as we can imagine - humans have always been about aggression and healing - then repeating this pattern. Of the Pharaohs in the dynasties I blogged about in previous blogs - they were all about power and domination. ... Millennia later .... what has changed? Actually, you can't name the humans. They are programmed to that end - so blame the program and be glad it's ending.

The Dynasty 18 files are finished (18=9). It is probably the most interesting and colorful dynasty with some memorable characters. Here's the way to Tut's Tomb if you want to venture back in time. Then there's the Akhenaten insert with a link to Ancient Aliens. Akhenaten and Nefertiti's corpses/mummies will never be found. They left just as Jesus did. Beam me up! Of course none of it ever really happened as everything is myth, math, and metaphor. BTW ... Isn't it almost Easter? And the Pope is where ... doing what? The people of Cuba need to be free. Doubtful the church can help them with that. People around the world are going to church on Easter Sunday ... Why? None of this makes sense. You are enlightened when you understand the nature of the experiment and that it is ending. Everything else is stuff in-between.