Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twin Towns

New York City and London

As you know, I get all kinds of invitations from media to do this or that. The invitation below sounded like so much fun I asked the producer, James, to phone me. But alas, I am not right for the job. First off, the show is for a NYC psychic who lives with her family here. My family doesn't live in the city. I thought about adopting a family but that won't work. :) Secondly, this involves swapping homes and lives with a family in London for a week. I don't like people staying in my home under any circumstances, yet alone one week. I also prefer not to stay in someone's home when traveling, but go to a hotel. Third, if we are switching jobs, I would never trust a psychic I don't know with my clients - I take their lives much too seriously - information confidential. So here I am blogging this for any NYC psychic that might be interested in the gig. Contact James

    Dear Ellie

    I hope you are well. I've just come across your website and wondered if you or any psychics you know might be interested in being featured in the new TV show we're currently working on. It's a brand new exciting primetime TV series called 'Twin Towns' where families from the US will swap lives with families from the town their home town is twinned with in the UK.

    We are looking for families from New York who will get the chance to have an all-expenses paid trip to the UK where they will spend a week living in London which is the town that is twinned with your own.

    The family will get to see how the other half lives by living the life of the British family they swap with for a week. This will include swapping houses, jobs, children will go the local schools/colleges, they will get to meet the community and experience the local culture as a whole.

    We are looking for fun and quirky families who would be available for a week between the dates of 16th April and 30th June and would be interested in being on television.

    We would love to feature you in our show so wondered if you might be able to help us with this. I wondered if you could help us spread the word to people who in your circle who might be interested by potentially putting the ad below on any internal newsletter, website or social networking sites you might have. Also are there any families you'd recommend who you know of personally who you think might be interested? If so please don't hesitate to pass on our details or alternatively pass theirs to us. It could be great publicity for you if we found someone who either worked with you or who is a customer of yours to swap with. Representatives of the company are coming to the US in a couple of weeks to meet potential families so any help you can give us with this would be greatly appreciated!

    If there's any more information you need from me please don't hesitate to ask.

    About the show ...

    Have you ever looked at the bottom of your town's welcome sign and seen a list of places around the world that your town is twinned with? Have you ever wondered what these places are like, what their inhabitants are like or what they'd actually make of your hometown?

    Twin Towns is a blissfully simple idea. Each show we take a different family from a UK town, and swap their entire life with that of a family who live in their city's twinned town. (In this case New York City). And they won't just be swapping houses - they'll also be swapping jobs, schools, cars, friends, clothes and food. In short - a complete cultural swap that Wife Swap only scratched the surface of.

    Not only will this life exchange be a fascinating journey of cultural and emotional discovery for both our families, but will give families a chance to see their own culture through the eyes of an objective observer who may have never been to the country before - a similar pay-off to what Meet The Natives delivered so successfully. Above all, Twin Towns gives us the opportunity to explore a different culture and lifestyle, while also working out what we like about our own.

    We cast a family who live in their city's twin town, whose life might be an interesting juxtaposition to the UK family. Our families swap lives for a week including everything from clothes to cars, house to schools, jobs to food, friends to pastimes. At the end of the week, our families are shown video footage of their foreign counterparts living in their house, and commenting on their lifestyle (whether they loved it or hated it). The US family then returns home for dinner with their UK family, where they compare notes on what has happened.

    Finally, the families reveal what they have learnt during their week away - including what they would change about their old life and what they've come to appreciate all the more for having given their old one up for a week.

    Twin Towns is a cultural exchange that harnesses the best of Wife Swap, Faking It and Meet The Natives to create a stand-out format that will take the pulse of the nation, explore different countries and cultures, shine a light on our prejudices and bad habits and provide an uplifting voyage of discovery about what we treasure most in our lives...

    The window to come over is April 16 through June 30. Representatives from the production company will be in in the US from March 12 so please get in touch with us! If you are interested send an email to enquiries@knickerbockerglory.tv and we can contact you again with an application form.