Thursday, June 28, 2012

Addicted to Drama

Wednesday on Entertainment Tonight, Charlie Sheen made an interesting statement. The question was, "What are you addicted to?" His answer was simple and something I have found with many clients and people I've met along the way, "I'm addicted to drama!" We know that this is about brain wiring and chemistry being off - which goes by many names and personality disorders.

I have endless clients looking for a balanced relationship with a somewhat normal partner, as all people have issues and are set in their ways in how they should live their lives - with some degree of pleasure - and what makes them function best.

And so I always ask - while pointing to an empty chair across from me during a reading - "If that person was sitting here with us now - nice, stable, hardworking, little to no issues, would you want to be with him/her?" My client looks over, processes, and always replies, "I'm used to issues and would get bored with him/her quickly." Face it - if you're programmed for drama - you will attract it - and it will burn you out - all the while you're seeking healing and help and thinking, "How can I find peace in my life?"

People don't want partners with problems. My answers is - don't live together - just play. Yet many people want to share and live with someone who is there each day ... minus the faults which are supposed to be left at the door when they come home. None of this makes sense in the cycles of life in the human experiment.

If you're addicted to drama, there is mental illness of some kind, so face it and try to work around it. Partners - you will most likely attract another person who lives in drama over and over again - and will burn out from the experience or at the very least, feel hurt and need months and a shrink to heal. When you've had enough - you either live alone or finally attract a person who does not live in drama and feel good about it - not bored. There is just so much drama one can face.

Another option is - you will live with (marry) the person who is stable and a caretaker - yet seek a lover who is hot and horny and dysfunctional. It all sounds funny from the outside until you have to live through it. Worse is trying to decide which person to be with - hot or not. Can a normal person be hot? Yes ... and on and on in the quest/request for the heart.

Anxiety is running rampant. Are you part of that circle of life? Do you refuse to get counseling because you know it all and think you can resolve issues alone. Good luck with that as 2012 is half over and you wonder, Where has it gone and what has changed in my life this year?

For me it's about controlling my life, not life controlling me - and it works. Set a goal of independence and see what happens ....

The Journey to Ellie's World

I live on the "R" line, the only subway (train) that comes out to Bay Ridge. One of the major stops along the way is 36th Street. I live at the end of the line - 95th Street. George, who often takes the subway here, found this humorous video on Huffington Post. As you know 36 is another number I often blog about in the collective mythology of our journey here. the music has a very Yiddish feel, makes me want to dance. :) It also teaches us the brain processes.