Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A combination of elements

I'm not sure if it's the lunar eclipse, the transit of Venus, the fact that I finished my review of Ancient Egypt, or something in the grids, but I slept 12 consecutive hours last night, waking with the feeling that my part in the grander scheme of things, here and there, has been completed and all is in readiness. It's the feeling of graduation from university/universe or the long awaited culmination of a collaborate effort of co-workers wherever ... whoever. What happens after graduation? New beginnings and wherever the solar barge takes us in the inundation of the collective unconsciousness.

Speaking of the sun ... Venus made a rare trek across Sun   BBC - June 6, 2012
Planet Venus has put on a show for skywatchers by moving across the face of the Sun as viewed from Earth. The transit was a very rare astronomical event that would not be seen again for another 105 years. Observers in north and central America, and the northern-most parts of South America saw the event start just before local sunset. The far northwest of America, the Arctic, the western Pacific, and east Asia witnessed the entire passage.

Look what I was just guided to, as part of this
Transit of Venus, as it pertains to my journey here.

Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa - astronomical observations of Venus
Enuma Anu Enlil ("In the days of Anu and Enlil") the Sumerian Gods
who created this reality calculating the journey in the stars.