Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Memos

After a weekend of fun and blogs with family, off we go to another week this one leading to Father's Day which brings up issues for many people. I've done the "Let's understand - forgive and forget" - blogs about Dads - so now it's your turn to embrace whatever energies call to you about your Dad or being a father. It's not easy raising children, especially in today's world where we understand that most people have issues. Before you have a child with someone, envision that child growing up to be like you or your partner ... then decide. The fantasy that they will be better and do better may only be a fantasy as genetics rule - but you know that - and then again the program is almost over.

As to clients - the need to work in health related fields - especially nutrition and environmental issues - is the number one calling for most. Job stress is up and will always parallel economic conditions at large.

Facebook - the ceiling of 5,000 friends has been lifted so one can now have as many friends as they want. I happen to enjoy a quick stop at Facebook every day to post a link to things discussed in my blogs and get friends' comments. When asking the question to the light workers ... "What comes next?" ... most responded "More Light". That's not what I meant but that is their reality and does nothing in relation to what is coming. I suppose it helps them heal and feel they are making a difference. One person said they want more "Light" Work - as opposed to a burnout job.

In the big bad world out there - I follow the news (though not sure why) and know about -- current earth changes especially in the US, Spain's bailout and predictable futures, murder and mayhem, and the rest, even if I don't blog about them. Many of those stories are posted on Ezine ... another week ... other adventures in physical reality.

We have become quite sophisticated in our views on life, how we access information, and are programmed to hunt down and find The New or The Next Step. We await something that we know is on the horizon and is about to change reality as we know. The rest is getting boring and predictable and I, for one, have always remained detached from the human drama.