Thursday, June 7, 2012

Music Festivals

This has been an interesting week, as the energies of the eclipse and related subside. Thought I'd post something about the annual music event called Bonnaroo just to liven up your day. I can't say as I know anyone going to the festival but I love the music. It kind of jumps out at you and says, "Welcome to the first of many summer music events around the world." Do you know what the world's largest summer music festival is? Click here for the answer.

Bonnaroo 2012 Website

Bonnaroo Music Festival Wikipedia

  Bonnaroo Music Festival YouTube

Water Water Everywhere ...

Wednesday evening ... There's a powerful summer rain playing a cadence on my skylight as I type this ...

Earlier in the day - from solar barges to watching the US Enterprise space shuttle lowered onto the Intrepid

"Ancient Aliens" episode have returned to YouTube

Flood Stories ...