Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today is 6.12.12

You may have noted changes in the sky, color frequencies off, planets and other celestial objects not where they should be, etc. You may have thought your eyes were playing tricks, it's part of the grid matrix collapsing, or something else. You were probably right - nothing is as it seems anymore and the most astute observer will pick up on that ...

The Color Purple

Here is a photo of a purple sun.

Stare at it. Does it appear to shrink?

Reality is an optical illusion.

Here's a link to a purple sun that happened in 2007.

Email from my friend Ron in Sparta, New Jersey

    Hi Ellie,

    Sunday night, I was home with my sons just before sunset. I opened the front door and there on the horizon, between the houses across the street, I looked out at the setting sun. I had never seen a sun like this in my life. The sunset wasn't purple, just the sun was. Seriously.

    I called my children to come and look. They were just as surprised as I was as we watched the sun set together. It's not every day you see a purple sun. I'm sure there is a physical explanation for the color - some equating it with CME activity. It could have to do with color spectrums in higher frequency merging with our grid at this time. Lots of explanations go through your mind when you're standing there watching a purple sun with your 4 sons - and there is no way to explain it to them.

    We tried to take pictures, but our cell phone cameras couldn't handle shooting directly at the sun light. I have included 2 pictures and you can see some of the purple color but the rest is washed out. It was truly the most unusual sunset I have ever encountered.

    I had to wonder about a connection to your mission statement that you and I have talked about since we met in June 2002 - exactly one decade ago.

Spaceweather.com Tuesday 6.12.12

A minor geomagnetic storm that crested during the opening hours of June 12th is subsiding now. At maximum, it ranked 5 on the 0-to-9 K-index scale of magnetic disturbances and turned the skies purple over Dawsonville, New Brunswick.

Perception of Higher Frequency Colors