Thursday, June 14, 2012


There's a close asteroid fly-by tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.
  Discovery - June 14, 2012

Hi Z ... Zoroaster- oid

Thursday Memos

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What's up in the city ... gridlock alert as President Obama comes to town on US Flag Day.


The rain may not be in Spain, but in the US these days, but Spain is indeed drowning along with the euro zone. Spain's debt hits record as euro zone crisis worsens   Reuters - June 14, 2012


Sports -- When I was a little girl living in Coney Island, NYC had 3 baseball teams - the NY Yankees, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the NY Giants. Coming from Brooklyn ... it was a day spent at Ebbets Field watching the Dodgers, who eventually moved to California along with the Giants. Ellie grew up and discovered there was a world of adventures out there, though sports were always part of my experience. We segue now to June 13, 2012 and the San Francisco Giants ... Cain throws first perfect game in Giants history

This is indeed the year of the Giants as the football Giants won Superbowl.

Then there's the other Giants ... also called Ancient Aliens or the Anunnaki due to make history in 2012.

Aliens in the news ...

  Seth Shostak: ET is (probably) out there -- get ready - June 14, 2012

  UFO Sighting in 1952 Kicked Off Britain's Behind-The-Scenes Flying Saucer Debate   Huffington Post - June 14, 2012
When Queen Elizabeth II, who recently celebrated her Diamond Jubilee marking her 60-year reign in Great Britain, took the throne in 1952, another subject was also causing a bit of a buzz on both sides of the Atlantic -- UFOs.

  Werner Bock Blames Death Rays, Aliens For Cows' Deaths; Faces Charges In Canada   Huffington Post - June 14, 2012
A Canadian farmer has lost at least 250 cows in the past 10 years. While the government has charged him and says he failed to feed them, the farmer claims the alien defense.

Spielberg's E.T. sequel woulda had kid torture, carnivorous aliens   Blastr - June 14, 2012

Spielberg's TV series Falling Skies returns Sunday night on TNT.

Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico

New File, Great Photos, New Discovery, No Alien Bodies or UFOs Though

Trying to figure out the message of 36 Around 1

This article overlaps with the myth about the return of Quetzalcoatl the serpent God on December 21, 2012. From William Henry -- The Mayans tell us that in 2012 a serpent rope is going to emerge from the center of our Milky Way galaxy out of which will step a bearded god of enlightenment. Look for the metaphors as you the read the file.

Headed for the Sky Thunderbolts - June 14, 2012

In parts of the Amazonian rainforest, traditional costume included a headdress consisting of a circular arrangement of feathers. The ring of 36 feathers, most of which are white, lacks an obvious counterpart in the skies we see above us. In stark contrast to the modern world, traditional societies often used to derive their fashion standards from mythological or religious sources, looking backward rather than ahead for inspiration. None of this would make any headlines were it not for the awkward fact that the world or the sky looks nothing like the Kayapo outfit. If the heavens are circular, no vertical 'rope' is seen to dangle down from the centre. Neither the central red feather on top nor the two orange feathers flanking the bottom strike one as familiar.

Father's Day Blog June 17, 2012 Bo and his dad in Nicaragua