Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Quickies

Why is it that people who can't take advice always insist on giving it?

Did you really think unemployment is slowing down?

What's the best thing that happened to you this week?

How close is too close?

In Touch

Thursday was one of those days I got a glimpse of the workings of the program and - like Jake on Touch - how things fit together toward a greater end. The day began with a blog about children (see below) including Jack's story.

    What I love most about "Touch" are the voice-overs by autistic 11-year-old Jake - who shows us where an exceptional mind can go and how everything in the universe is connected by numbers and patterns. Jake is allegedly one of 36 righteous people whose allegedly destiny is to justify the purpose of humankind in the eyes of God by bringing balance to the universe. 36 is an important number and is also 9 or endings.

In the afternoon, I read an author named Diane Dignan who wrote an award winning children's book - Bartholomew's Gift. (See video interview on the bottom of her website). Along the way I shared the name of a spirit guide, or another aspect of her soul, named Lucy who helps Diane create her books.

    Bartholomew is born with a gift that others do not possess or understand - the ability to see angels! He grows to deny his experience until the gift disappears forever. Or does it? "Bartholomew's Gift" and the angel's message expressed in the story, remind us that we are 'cherished in God's eyes' and to hold onto our unique abilities, even if others do not appreciate them.

The name Lucy was clear and kept resonating in my mind hours after the reading, only this was another Lucy, someone who had lived in NYC and died on 9/11. After Lucy died, she sent many members of her family to me and we had bonded. Of course, as with all spirits who come here, Lucy's energies soon moved on as did the 9/11 experience. Lucy told me she returned on Monday when I was at Ground Zero looking up through my sunroof at One World Trade Center (see below) and something more would be shown.

    Before continuing, I want to mention that over the past month I have read many people from San Diego, none of whom know each other. As life is a series of patterns, I wondered about the San Diego connection, and looked forward to the answer revealing itself.

The day moved forward with my daughter Tracy, the teacher in Arizona, telling me she plans a road trip to San Diego with her children as they are all on summer break.

At last it was time to watch the season finale of "Touch", which included the return of many of the characters Jake encountered during Season 1 - now brought together to enhance the journey. The two-hour episode is too long to detail but here is what connected for me:

    Jake's mother's name was Sarah (as in my book Sarah and Alexander) - who died on 9/11 in one of the Twin Towers

    A man who tried to save Sarah, and is haunted by memories of her death, uses numbers to win the lottery, and later helps Jake and his dad, Martin (Kiefer Sutherland), escape the bad guys who want to do tests on Jake. He tells them about Sarah's final words, then gives them a car.

    An Hasidic Jewish man, who understands Jake's journey and told him about the "righteous people", also helps Jake and Martin escape the bad guys. He further tells them that religious paradigms set in place thousands of years ago no longer apply in today's world - an important lesson for those struggling with religion today.

    Sarah's sister, Abigail, is played by actress Catherine Dent, who starred in the miniseries Taken. In Taken, her character falls in love with John, an Gray alien (in human form) who survived the Roswell crash on 7/2/47. They have a son named Jacob - thus setting the stage for the hybridization program that lead to Allie.

    Along the way we learn about a girl like Jake named Amelia who had been tested on by the bad guys and believe to have died in a car crash in 2008. Martin proves it was a cover-up and Amelia is alive somewhere.

    This episode is called "Gyre" and also centers on Lucy, Amelia's Mom and her journey to find her daughter based numeric codes linked to Jake.

    Gyres take us to William Butler Yeats who birthday is this month - June 13. It's all about Gyres and Sacred Geometry - a message brought to me years ago by a client in San Diego, who understood the spirals of time. Also born on June 13 is author, researcher and broadcaster, Whitley Strieber who is connected to the gray aliens.

    As "Gyre" came to a close, Jake, his dad, and Lucy are caught up in the maelstrom of energy that created their synchronicities. They find themselves on the San Diego pier ... guided there by maps and codes ... in the gyres and spirals of consciousness and reality. As they meet, Martin and Jake recognize what Lucy is about to discover about her daughter, their connection to each other and something greater.

    Fade to Black