Monday, November 18, 2013

Death and Destruction
in End Times

Sunday, I was about to blog about the usual fears and frustrations clients face ... and people go on and on about, as burn-out mode increases. Then climate changes created another unfortunate weather pattern and the blog changed. Is there anybody on the planet who doesn't know climate changes and natural disasters are accelerating and there is no going back? Saturday, I read a 37 year old woman from Staten Island whose home was destroyed one year ago when Hurricane Sandy hit. It will still take a while to complete repairs. She also knows that this is just the beginning.

  Tornadoes rip through Midwest, killing 6 and devastating neighborhoods   CNN - November 18, 2013

Fade to Black comes out of the blue as George blogged last week. Trust him. He knows what he's talking about. George is Sagittarius - December 18th - the same birthday as Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Katie Holmes, among others. The sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22 as we remember the JFK assassination ...

50 Years Ago ... November 22, 1963

Who killed JFK? Having witnessed the events on television when I was 20, they remain etched in my mind to this day. There was no surveillance, just amateur video. In the aftermath, conspiracy theories ran rapid, the truth never revealed. One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true   CNN - November 17, 2013

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas

John F. Kennedy Assassination    Google News

  John F. Kennedy Assassination Google Videos

John F. Kennedy

Earth changes beneath the surface

Antarctica: 7.8 Quake and Volcano Mount Sidley ready to erupt

November 16, 2013 -- 7.8 Earthquake - Scotia Sea

The Scotia Sea is partly in the Southern Ocean and mostly in the South Atlantic Ocean. Normally stormy and cold, the Scotia Sea is the area of water between Tierra del Fuego, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, and bordered on the west by the Drake Passage.

Volcano discovered smoldering under a kilometer of ice in West Antarctica   Live Science - November 17, 2013
Mount Sidley, at the leading edge of the Executive Committee Range in Marie Byrd Land is the last volcano in the chain that rises above the surface of the ice. But a group of seismologists has detected new volcanic activity under the ice about 30 miles ahead of Mount Sidley in the direction of the range's migration. The new finding suggests that the source of magma is moving beyond the chain beneath the crust and the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Mount Sidley is the highest volcano in Antarctica, a member of the Volcanic Seven Summits, with a summit elevation of 4,181-4,285 metres (13,717-14,058 ft). It is a massive, mainly snow-covered shield volcano which is the highest and most imposing of the five volcanic mountains that comprise the Executive Committee Range of Marie Byrd Land. The mountain was discovered by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd on an airplane flight, November 18, 1934, and named by him for Mabelle E. Sidley, the daughter of William Horlick who was a contributor to the 1933Ð35 Byrd Antarctic Expedition.

Northwest, we find Chile which has about 500 active volcanoes
60 of which have had recorded eruptions in the last 450 years.

Comets - Comet ISON

Plunges toward the sun for a close encounter on Thanksgiving Day November 28th.