Saturday, November 2, 2013


They say most people are dysfunctional, one way or another. Look at the crazy guy at LAX Friday who just lost it. This is a growing trend, as I have blogged before, and will continue mostly with young people who feel abused and helpless. And then there is the genetic factor ... Can two people who are being treated - or not - for mental illness - have normal children? You know the answer.

In relationships, is your pattern is to find a dysfunctional partner? If so, you are programmed for the drama that goes with the relationship, followed by the healing in the afterglow. You go from complaining about your relationship, to missing the high you get when the drama is gone and normal is boring. The healing can be metaphysical or physical - but it is a pattern. The question you ask yourself, "Why do I always attract someone who is crazy?" Don't blame it on past lives and karma. It's just the way you are programmed. The important thing is to recognize the pattern and avoid the consequences after a few attempts. Not everyone is good in relationships. If you are critical of your partners - it's you. If you seek "The One" - not likely - but you can hope.

As to marriage - some see it as an outdated way of life - forced monogamy - frustration and often abuse. Who wrote that into the program? Alimony - it entraps men and sometimes women for years, if not decades.

The moral of the story - hope that you are programmed to be self-sufficient. Don't make babies with someone you call "crazy". Think about life with the person in 5 years from now before committing. Keep your autonomy.

What underlies almost everything we do? The first response is programming, but a close second is Money of course. It's freedom and power ... and people do the weirdest things to get it. Money rules ... not love and light. Metaphysics is a modern-day crutch that allow people to believe in the weirdest things.

November 3, 2013

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