Thursday, November 14, 2013

Florida Adventures

November 6-13, 2013

It was a wonderful trip. Great friends, both old and new. Now I'm back to NYC - my true home on the Atlantic Ocean. It was not until I my friend John and I arrived in Cocoa Beach, and I felt the pull of the Atlantic as we drove closer, that I felt alive again and connected to whatever it is that creates a portal to creation. Atlantic ... Atlantis ... Egypt ... Middle East ... Creation.

The weather in Florida was sunny, with no rain wherever I stayed. Though everyone loved the weather ... heat and humidity don't do it for me. Arriving at JFK ... as the cool dry air hit my body ... it felt great.

While I was away ...

I want to thank Linda Powers for sponsoring me in Florida and for the generous use of her beautiful store ... great energies and wonderful loving people. Linda plans to send photos and perhaps a short video soon.

I also want to thank everyone I met along the way who made the trip so special, especially John.

Most of all I want to thank my BFF George for writing this blog. I can see that he really had fun with it. (grin) I guess there's a blogger in all of us waiting to come out. I had forgotten how well George and I compliment each other ... and who we are to each other in this maze of existential existence we believe is real.

A plan was created and set into motion ... to be monitored and recorded for all time. Descending from the skies ... the journey began ...

Wednesday ... Linear Time

by George

Ellie is on a plane to Tampa, Florida due for an early arrival. Many of her clients have questioned whether time (and space) would continue to march on, as it has been doing year after year, despite all the New Age and other hype to the contrary. I think that one has to really go deep inside oneself and feel into it. Do you feel that imminent change is upon us? Do you feel and think that even the economy, or politics, or global environment can continue without change? Much like awaiting water to boil, we see no change, but we sense it. We feel it and on some level, we know. And many are reading and researching alternative media, to really find the truth. Regardless, it will come out of the blue. It will surprise EVERYONE. No one knows the timing and many sense the EVENT is close. In the meantime, enjoy your life as best you can. Appreciate your friends and family. On a daily basis, keep in touch with your inner self, for it will be your true guide.

Reunions in Tampa

When above meets below

Ellie was met by her friend John with whom she would share much of this adventure. John's insert into the storylines of Ellie's life began in December 2012.

Let's get to Ellie's family ... Ellie's daughter Zsia, her husband Jon, and their sons Michael and Dylan, were vacationing in Orlando, meeting for dinner Wednesday evening in a restaurant in Tampa called Seasons 52. Always connected to the other side, Ellie suddenly sensed the presence of family spirits. You may recall her blog earlier this year about the sudden death of Jon's mother, Sheila. Then there is the ever-present spirit of Zsia's deceased father Ralph who loves to visit. Both Ralph and Sheila were smokers from their late teens until they died - Ralph at 67 and Sheila at 68. When Ralph stops by, the room, or car, smells of cigarette smoke - which is not true for Sheila.

Ignoring the spirits, Ellie opened her iPad to show Zsia something. As she pressed the button for Safari ... it opened to this file, which caught everyone by surprise. The first photo - posted above - was taken at Zsia and Jon's wedding in 1995. Ellie had never opened that file on her iPad - nor had she referred to it for years - so what was one to assume ... a message from Sheila? Prior to that, the family had been talking about Jon's father, Joel, who is returning to Florida for three months this winter. Joel and Sheila lived in both in Florida and Brooklyn. What's wonderful is the openness to other grids (levels) of conscious awareness everyone shares and how quickly we all got the message.

Gulf Coast Adventures

There are two Gulf Coasts of interests. One is the Persian Gulf in the Middle East - the Cradle of Civilization with its extensive history that connects us all to the grids and alien hypothesis. The other is Gulf Coast of the United States that includes Tampa, Florida.

Thursday November 7

Though Ellie feels connected to the Middle East, the Anunnaki and Zoroaster (Z) ... on this day she and her friend John drove through Tampa and parts south stopping to explore the beaches and quaint waterfront communities, shops, and restaurants along the way.

Treasure Island - John's Favorite Beach

Another Reunion

In the evening, John and I went to see the movie "Last Vegas". Seated in the theatre were senior age couples everywhere - (silent giggle from Ellie ). The hilarious film centered on the life and times of four childhood friends from Flatbush, Brooklyn - all turning 70 (the new 30) and their adventures. It reminded me of another adventure I had in 2012 - my friend Bob - who sang to me that day, returning to my life last week, and offering to drive me to the airport on Wednesday. Do I feel old? Not at all. Aging goes with emotional then physical health. FYI - Michael Douglas looks great.

Busch Adventures

by George

Ellie and John arrive in the Garden !

It all started somewhere ... The roadmap of life ...

Mythology .... They arrived after The Flood

Up close and personal ... the giraffe represents DNA.

Just hand Ellie a microphone and .... she never stops talking ...

Maybe that's because she has a Leo Moon ...

Saturday in Orlando

Lunch with Bernadette, her sister Julie, their friend Cathy, and John

My friends live in Gainsville and often come to Orlando to shop along International Drive where one finds many clothing outlets. Bernadette, a psychic reader, and I go back to 2009 and all sorts of metaphysical adventures. When I told her I was coming to Orlando we knew we had to meet. All we did was laugh for hours. We never went to the amusement areas - been there - did that. Instead we drove to Kissimee where everyone went crystal shopping and I sat outside listening to music piped through loudspeakers as people strolled by.

Orlando has many psychics, their storefront businesses easily found as we dive down any street. Had there been more time we might have visited Cassadaga. It is especially known for having a large number of psychics and mediums, and has consequently been named the "Psychic Capital of the World". No one felt in need of a reading.

Orlando also has this cool a museum called WonderWorks - lots of fun.

Sunday in Cocoa Beach

There was nothing not to like about Cocoa Beach as John is considering a future move here. We arrived in the early afternoon, immediately made friends with the local people and loved the energies on this picture perfect day. We later drove to Ft. Lauderdale where I also found the energies and people inviting.


By George and Ellie

The trip began in Ft. Lauderdale where George moved in 2013 ... yes, he abandoned me ... and things remained strange for the two days we spent alone and with friends. As soon as I got into George's car, it was as if the grids shifted and we were no longer part of this reality. There is no way to explain it ... just experience and knowing. I could see the fluxes in the grids, not at all what they once were ... best experience ever and a marker about how close we are to the end. We drove to Boca for the upcoming class.

We had a wonderful class talking about 11.11 and related topics. George used the writing pad you see on the floor to illustrate how reality works, while Ellie taught it "her way". The students who read Ellie's World blog were quick to understand while others processed the information based on their programming. George mentioned that one takes away three key points from every class. We both hope the students better understand the nature of reality and where it is all going as a guide to what is happening in reality today. With Typhoon Haiyan highlighting the news - it is not difficult for students to understand that there is no going back. The climate, natural disasters, and the collapse of the other systems that support the reality ... are all spiraling out of existence.

Tuesday in Miami and South Beach

I spent the day in Miami and South Beach with George, John, and Sandy, a teacher in Tampa who had driven to Boca for the class, staying at my hotel. The day was mostly about sightseeing. laughing, and for me igniting memories along the way as Ralph and I spent many vacations there ... dating back to my honeymoon.