Thursday, November 7, 2013

Houston, Ellie has landed !

Ellie's daughter Zsia, her husband Jon, and their sons Michael and Dylan, are vacationing this week in Orlando.

You may recall Ellie's blog earlier this year about the sudden death of Jon's mom, Sheila.

Wednesday evening, while enjoying a fun evening in a restaurant in Tampa called Seasons 52, Ellie sensed spirit. Ignoring the feeling, she opened her iPad to show Zsia something. Ellie pressed the button for Safari ... and as she did ... it opened to this file, which caught everyone by surprise.

The first photo - posted above - was taken at Zsia and Jon's wedding years ago. Ellie had never opened that file on her iPad - nor had she referred to it in years - so what was one to assume? Why would it suddenly open at that time? Was Sheila stopping by to say hi?

Prior to that, the family had been talking about Jon's father, Joel, who is returning to Florida for three months this winter. Joel and Sheila lived in both in Florida and Brooklyn. She passed in Brooklyn this year.

As Zsia and Ellie are used to visits from her deceased father, Ralph, - a visit from Sheila came as no surprise. It's also interesting that both Ralph and Sheila were smokers from their late teens until they died - Ralph at 67 and Sheila at 68. When Ralph stops by, the room, or car, smells of cigarette smoke - which is not true for Sheila. What's wonderful is the openness to other grids (levels) of conscious awareness everyone shares.

Thursday morning

Back in Tampa, Ellie emailed that John plans to show her the Gulf Coast today. How nice of John is that !! Weather wise, it looks another good one as Ellie, the "snowbird," continues her Florida journey. We all meet Monday in Ft. Lauderdale. Tick Tock!

To be continued ...

Wednesday, Nov 6

Ellie in Transit

Ellie is right now on a plane to Tampa, Florida, to meet with friends, ending in a Boca Raton gathering. (This is George, standing in for Ellie.) I've tracked her plane and she's due for an early arrival. Yay !!

On the news front, NYC will have a new mayor,Bill de Blasio. Mike Bloomberg's three term reign is over. Also, Chris Christie has won another term as Governor of New Jersey.

On a different note, many clients have questioned whether time (and space) would continue to march on, as it has been doing year after year, despite all the New Age and other hype to the contrary. I think that one has to really go deep inside oneself and feel into it. Do you feel that imminent change is upon us? Do you feel and think that even the economy, or politics, or global environment can continue without change? Much like awaiting water to boil, we see no change, but we sense it. We feel it and on some level, we know. And many are reading and researching alternative media, to really find the truth. Regardless, it will come out of the blue. It will surprise EVERYONE. No one knows the timing and many sense the EVENT is close. In the meantime, enjoy your life as best you can. Appreciate your friends and family. On a daily basis, keep in touch with your inner self, for it will be your true guide.