Friday, November 8, 2013

Off to Busch Gardens

Friday Morning - November 8, 2013

Just before John and I headed off to Busch Gardens, I watched the news about the massive typhoon affecting the Philippines - another climate/climatic change that allows souls to know that "a storm of epic proportions is coming" ! Don't forget that these storms also affect the tectonic plates. Let your conscious be your guide.

Thursday Evening

In the evening, John and I went to see the movie "Last Vegas". Seated in the theatre were senior age couples everywhere - (silent giggle from Ellie ). The hilarious film centered on the life and times of four childhood friends from Flatbush, Brooklyn - all turning 70 (the new 30) and their adventures. It reminded me of another adventure I had in 2012 - my friend Bob - who sang to me that day, returning to my life last week, and offering to drive me to the airport on Wednesday. Do I feel old? Aging goes with emotional then physical health .... Healthy mind .... healthy body. FYI - Michael Douglas look great.

Tampa Beaches

John and I had a chance to walk along and enjoy some beautiful weather by the beaches of Tampa !