Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ellie in Transit, Again !!

It was a WONDERFUL trip. Great weather. Great friends, both old and new. And now I'm heading back to NYC - my true home. Ah, it's cool there. Some say cold but I love the cooler weather. Flight is all on time, and I'll be home this afternoon.

Rest assured, I'll be back to blogging full time late today and tomorrow ! I have much to do. Are you ready for the holidays? It's Thanksgiving in two weeks ! Where did this year go? About a year ago, we were all wondering what would happen in December 2012, and now we are fast approaching December 2013 !!!!

Remember, it will come out of the blue and SURPRISE EVERYONE !

An Evening in Boca

We had a wonderful session in Boca Raton last night.

MUCH, MUCH Thanks to Linda for the generous use of her beautiful store.

More to come on our evening together later.

We head to South (Miami) Beach this afternoon for a pleasant lunch by the beach.

Busch Adventures

Finally, Ellie and John arrive in the Garden !

Where do you say I was, on this map?

Singing for my supper!