Monday, November 4, 2013

Finding Happiness

With everything that is happening in our lives and the world, many people are still finding happiness in ways that touch the soul and make them feel connected. The name of the game is connecting one's grid with others for emotional experience. Happiness can come in momentary connections or something that lasts for a long time. Our brains are programmed to seek out balance and happiness - and so we try. For me, happiness this month is a road trip through Florida meeting with friends, clients, and students. Am I becoming an "old person" who wants to move to Florida? No way. I love New York. Happiness is an adventure - wherever it takes me. It begins on Wednesday ...

Join me on November 11, 2013 in Boca Raton, Florida

The 11.11 Phenomenon in Today's World

Do you see the numeric code 11:11 or other power numbers?

Move your consciousness into the grids using the 11.11 code.

Let's learn ... Let's play.

Harmonic Concordance 10 Years Later ...

Does anyone remember the Harmonic Concordance, Lunar Eclipse of November 2003? What I remember most was a class I had here that evening, when there was "standing room only". It was one of my most memorial class - five months after I met George. It was a time everyone was seeing triangular shaped UFOs everywhere, including myself. They were obviously drones with stealth capabilities created by the government. So much has happened since then ... changes within our consciousness and the program. Prophecies of all kinds reached their deadlines - none of them playing out - thus reflecting that both time and reality are illusions with their own end point that rapidly approaches.

Look at the CME chart Oct.-Nov. 2003. Impressive ...

Email from a Crystalinks reader:

Hi Ellie,

How are things back in my old home town? I'm Johnny M, the Bronx born guy who happened to have had the great good fortune to have stumbled on the chart of the November 8, 2003 Total Lunar Eclipse on that date. In doing a little last minute web research on the Harmonic Concordance, I came upon your website and the wonderful work that you did for and about it. For that, I am forever in your debt. Obviously you 'got' the chart and its import and expressed it very well.

This Friday is the 10th anniversary of the Harmonic Concordance and I've put up a website to encourage folks to come together and once again recall and honor the energies that we both found in its chart. As I explicated it, there were three main take-aways from it:

- The opportunity to accept the descent of Creator Consciousness upon each individual

- The realization of Our Unity Consciousness, that indeed we are all One,

- Prayers of Conscious Intent for the healing and protection of Mother Earth.

Considering the work that you did for the original Harmonic Concordance, I thought that you might be interested in checking out my new site.

In Gratitude and the ONE Heart,