Thursday, July 10, 2014


We didn't have a Steven Spielberg alien blockbuster this summer, but Wednesday night he brought another alien miniseries to TV - and it did not disappoint. This was Spielberg's first alien miniseries since Taken in 2002.

In Extant Holly Berry stars as astronaut Molly Woods who returns from a 13-month solo mission in space, with missing time and finds herself knocked up !! In Taken - human-alien hybrid Lisa Clarke is taken by aliens and gets pregnant with a daughter named Allie - the final product of a biogenetic experiment on Earth. How Lisa became impregnated remains a mystery to her until Allie's father, Charlie Keys, shows up and they undergo hypnosis. Great visual affects of Allie's creation.

"Extant" takes place in a futuristic world with driverless cars, high-tech trash cubes and some really cool stuff. Molly Woods has been unable to conceive - her son, an android created by her husband - played by Goran Visnjic - through a cutting-edge process known as humanichs. One is left to wonder about her unborn baby as she meets an alien while on the space station - who looks like her deceased lover and something apparently happens during her 3 hours of mission time.

Let's segue to X-Files, another favorite that impacted the consciousness hologram. Scully was told she was infertile yet mysteriously became pregnant with a son named William who had magical powers - or at least telekinetic abilities. The cause of her pregnancy was never formally revealed however the most probable of theories is that Mulder fathered the child ... though one senses alien biogenetic manipulation along the way. It must be fun to have a baby that is "the next step" in the evolutionary scale. Let's hope X-Files picks up with William in a future film.

July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943

Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla was born on the stroke of midnight. "The Father of Physics" -
He was a physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer who made
revolutionary contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism.

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When force and matter separate, man is no more.

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