Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thoughts For the Day

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith - just be sure it's not emotionally based.

Emotions create learning lessons which create more learning lessons..

A bad relationships can bring out the worse in you - things you never imagined you would say or do.

A bad mattress could be the cause of your pain ... so can a lonely one.

Silence elicits emotions and imagination.

Don't lend money unless you see it as a gift.

Weather affects you more than realized. Maintaining body temperature to its norm, promotes the best health.

4 out of 10 homes only have cell phones.

Texting is an increasing form of communication. Be careful what you type ... words can hurt.

Do the number of people who cannot take care of themselves exceed the number of people who can?

US Immigration Problems: You can't take care of others when you can take care of yourself.

On July 1st I wrote a blog called July 2014 - Making Changes. How did you do the first week?

Your bucket list defines your goals and dreams.

The Wall Street Journal turns 125 today. What's your favorite newspaper? online news service?

The Journey

Alien Connections to July 4th (Scroll down)

It's all by design and easier to understand by watching the videos.

From Spielberg to Emmerich, they are telling you the story.

Without an alien blockbuster this July 4th weekend - box office sales were down 40%.