Wednesday, July 30, 2014


How often should wash your pets, jeans, hair and more?

How often you should clean anything generally depends on use and other variables that can change with one's lifestyle. We all know that personal hygiene should be maintained on a regular basis as well as that of pets in the home. Once you get into the routine of maintaining the things in your life, they last longer, and make your life easier.

When professional cleaning is needed, usually outdoor maintenance, money should be set aside to this end. As you know everything eventually breaks, so prevention often is helpful. With climate changes being as drastic as they are now, keeping things clean and safe is not always easy.

When it comes to cleaning, some people are compulsive while others can ignore dirt, mold, etc. until they have to clean it up. Cleanliness may, or may not, be next to godliness, but most of the time it reflects one's psychological makeup - from OCD to hoarding to more.

Signs You're A Truly Genuine Person

We are born with a programmed barometer that allows us to be genuine or not. We try to be honest with ourselves and others, but that's not always easy, or the best solution. As humans, we periodically evaluate our behavior and the effect it has on ourselves and others. One of the focuses of the self-awareness aspect of metaphysics, and life in general, is Truth - even when it hurts and change must be made.

Food Cravings

Food cravings can guide you to eat something the body is nutritionally lacking or can be linked to emotional eating. Food cravings are regulated by the brain as is everything else you experience. After a while of not eating something ... like sugar ... the brain will stop craving it. How long until the cravings return varies - as most people revert back to old patterns. This is why most diets fail as do many relationships. You are your programmed codes.