Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Sunday, I posting this picture with the blog below about Fight MH17.

Tuesday, I posted an image from Spaceweather about Sundogs.

Wednesday, Spaceweather linked that image to a NASA story about the
2nd anniversary of the July 2012 Solar Superstorm.

Wednesday, I was looking for a photo and story about the
White Flag and the Brooklyn Bridge and this popped up first.

  American Flags Bleached White Appear Atop Brooklyn Bridge   NBC - July 23, 2014

Why do images with yellow backgrounds find me this week? I never chose yellow as a background but Z was adamant about these pictures all of which I found immediately.

This summer, I have been drawn to wearing yellow more than ever before though the fashion experts on the talk shows say orange the color for this summer. The two colors are linked.

Yellow is the color most associated with optimism. As a chakra, it connects with the solar plexus or intellect. There is also an association with China. Symbolism of Yellow

The image of the girl in the bleachers - who is supposed to be me - has the same grid energies as the NBC picture of the white flag on the Brooklyn Bridge.

One could second-guess this and say something that's going to happen with the sun is going to bring freedom to the souls. Doesn't feel right but you never know. A CME could take us out but I see a quick ending. CME's take time to get here. Just about everything that's important to us is affected by the sun. We still keep an eye on solar flare activity as it affects Earth's magnetics and thus human behavior, communications and more. The sun moved into Leo yesterday - a fire sign ruled by the Sun.

We all know the symbolism of the white flag - surrender. Someone was planting a message on both arches of the bridge. The symbolism of the bridge is consciousness moving from one side to another.

Several people I know, who work in the area and saw the flags, said it reminded them of 9/11 accompanied by the statement, "Surrender or be attacked again." I don't see that on US soil.

I've driven over several bridges lately (NY, NJ, CT) and noted spot checks for the first time since 9/11 especially with unmarked vans. With war, revolution, and chaos throughout the planet we watch and wait to see what's next.

Freedom Tower