Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The human brain is a computer, programmed to learn, experience, focus, and always be engaged. Humans spend their lives learning ... anything ... their prime directive. They trek from science to pseudoscience upping the ante and broadening their perspectives for fun or something they will later call upon for answers. Technology keeps people engaged via games, communication, searching for something or someone, healing, or just passing the time until that special moment the soul waits for. Being engaged keeps us focused and consciously present in this reality. Being engaged also has a certain "ring" about it.


The next two months - or is it 62 days - will bring us more about the trials and tribulations of Hillary Clinton and good old Donald Trump. I've avoided following their adventures as everything about this campaign is orchestrated and yet unpredictable. Hillary and Trump will appear at a televised forum on national security tonight in New York City, from the Intrepid, although not at the same time (8 p.m. Eastern, NBC and MSNBC).

Speaking of MSNBC - Tuesday night Brian Williams premiered a new show at 11 o'clock on MSNBC - airing through election day. I believe NBC is slowly segueing him back to mainstream media on a regular basis. The show is called "The 11th Hour with Brian Williams" as he talks about the 11th hour of the campaign. Last night he spoke about the day after Labor Day being the official start of the fall campaign.

Hillary (cough, cough) still seems unhealthy. Trump still does not want to be president - he just got caught up in something and is along for the ride (ego trip). For both candidates the journey will be detrimental physically and financially no matter what they want us to believe (Hillary is always manipulative). While in Connecticut I spoke to several people about the candidates and like the rest of us they think neither one is qualified to be president. Most people had enough and wish they could see a positive outcome, but they don't. To follow the debates or not - is your decision. A lot can happen in 62 days.

September 8-15, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

NYC Fashion Week

Fashion Week    Google News

Landon Nordeman pulls back the curtain on fashion shows   CNN - September 7, 2016
Photographer Landon Nordeman has shot state fairs, Trump rallies and both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Yet somehow, he's most renowned for his candid photos taken in and around fashion shows. With an approach that's both artistic and journalistic, Nordeman uses saturated colors and a well-timed flash to expose what goes on behind the scenes of these showcases for couture.

September 9-14, 2016

The start of Hajj - an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca the
largest gathering of Muslim people in the world every year.

Black Stone of Mecca: Hajj