Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Matthew's Bar Mitzvah

My Grandson Matthew's Bar Mitzvah in Westport, CT. brought perfect weather ... perfect everything ... considering Mercury Retrograde, a solar eclipse, tropical storm Hermine stalled along the Atlantic coast, and more. Saturday morning, when Matthew started to recite/sing - he blew everyone away with his amazing voice. Who knew?! Kudos. Friends and family flew in from different states to make it all magical. Over 200 people came to the party Saturday evening at the Longshore Pavilion. The illusionist blew everybody away with his feats of magic. Here are a few of my Pics and Videos but there were three professional photos busy at work capturing the moments.


Sully premiers locally on Sept. 9, 2016 (9/9). Wednesday January 14, 2009 ... Friends were here that afternoon and the energies were powerful. At the moment the plane crashed into the Hudson River, not far from here, a white pigeon smashed into my window leaving a strange imprint. One of the things we noticed was what appears to be Jesus looking down as if protecting us. You have to wonder if the spirits from 9/11 intervened to rescue the passengers.

Arrival (Film)

Brian Greene

First gravitational waves form after 10 million years   PhysOrg - September 5, 2016
If two galaxies collide, the merging of their central black holes triggers gravitational waves, which ripple throughout space. An international research team has now calculated that this occurs around 10 million years after the two galaxies merge - much faster than previously assumed. In his General Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein predicted gravitational waves over a century ago; this year, they were detected directly for the first time: The American Gravitational Wave Observatory LIGO recorded such curvatures in space from Earth, which were caused by the merging of two massive black holes. The research on gravitational waves - and thus the origin of the universe - continues: From 2034 three satellites are to be launched into space in a project headed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to measure gravitational waves at even lower frequency ranges from space using the Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna.