Friday, September 9, 2016

Islam - Islamic Wars - Reality now coming Full Circle

Hajj - Mecca - largest gathering of Muslims in the world every year

Black Stone of Mecca: Hajj

9 - End of Cycle - Numerology

11 - 11:11 Digital Code

01 - Binary Code (Brain) - Fibonacci Sequence

This insert in the hologram brings reality full circle in the global fight for spiritual awakening with everyone participating one way or another as soul seek freedom and intuitively know things are coming to an end. 9/11 energies would ripple through the human biogenetic experiment until the end of the illusion of time. The first insert began in the Middle East with ongoing inserts from ancient civilizations and alien intervention to myths about Jesus and others we label gods. By now no one should worship unseen mythological beings who allegedly created humanity nor await their return - but human programming keeps souls entrapped in that paradigm. This is the time when gods by any name or description should manifest and return - or their very existence should be questioned. From powerful Hebrew holidays about to open the door to a new year - to Hajj the largest Muslim celebration at Mecca - it is time for truth and a move beyond antiquated belief systems.

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks Wikipedia

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
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More Hudson River Adventures - 09.09.16 - Sully

Thursday 01.15.09 ... friends were in my home, not far from the crash, that fateful afternoon, the energies powerful. At the moment the plane crashed into the Hudson River, a white pigeon smashed into my window leaving a strange imprint. One of the things we noticed was what appears to be Jesus looking down as if protecting us. Jesus is seen above a heart, or ouroboros shape that looks like geese. To the right, reflected in sunlight, appears to be another robed being watching.

You have to wonder if the spirits from 9/11 intervened to rescue the passengers. It is all part of something created by the hologram for our experience and interpretation as with all things we encounter. For all we know there was a temporal distortion and various outcomes - speculations endless. We are left to believe Sully, his crew, and all of the passengers were saved. The incident was called "Miracle on the Hudson"