Thursday, September 8, 2016

Prepped and Ready

Wednesday night: the candidates, the press, the moderator Matt Lauer, the audience at home and on the Intrepid which consisted of military veterans, the questions, the conspiracy theorists and more...

As usual, Trump embellished the truth, Hillary continued to cover it up, as both said things that may or may not be possible in the future, but they want voters to believe. Candidates have plans especially in a society where systems are failing, but that does not mean they can act on them. The issues are endless and accelerating in all categories. Though most people look to economic change, I think it is the Earth changes that are showing us the way to the end of the hologram. Look at the risks Oklahoma faces after a recent earthquake was spurred by the tons of wastewater pumped to the surface and injected back into the ground during oil and gas production. Then there's is the flooding ... and you know the rest. I honestly don't feel either candidate or Obama is prepared for what is going on and what is about to happen.

(Visualize Trump's people trying to get him to co-operate. LOL ) (Visualize Hillary meditating ... deep breaths Hillary ... long slow deep breaths ... LOL)

Prepping and ready (maybe) are New York City's teachers and students who are finally returning to school in sunny but very hot weather. Most New York City schools are not equipped with air-conditioning which is going to make it a bit of a bumpy start. (Visualize a 4 year old on their first day of pre-school crying for mommy ... slow deep breaths mommy). As with all school systems changes and adjustments are happening.

Also, prepped and ready are many of my clients involved in the fashion world -- from designers to models to everybody else who makes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (September 8-15, 2016) special. Google News. They know about relaxation techniques ... no need to prep them.