Thursday, September 15, 2016

Psychic Readings and Timelines

When I read clients, predictions are based on many factors mainly their timelines combined with their emotional package and programming to tell them what they will actually do in the immediate future. Lately, many former clients have returned to tell me that it took years for my predictions to play out, but events finally came to pass and they need guidance to move forward. There is always a psychological aspect to every reading and people in today's world need help.

Almost 20 years ago, when life was different, on several occasions I read Diane Schroder, Rick(y) Schroder's mom. Some of what I predicted came to pass immediately such as her move from LA to Arizona, business changes, and more - but one thing never happened - her son getting a divorce. Programming kept the marriage together. I haven't spoken to Dianne since that time - but today found this CNN story - Ricky Schroder and wife split after 24 years .

When I read the text about Rick on Wikipedia, posted below, it took me back to the days people believed in rituals and the like to create a desired result - actually many people still do. Now we understand that life is a series of programmed (staged, orchestrated) events and try as one may to change them - the end result will always be the same - even time travel will not change a predestined outcome. In the article below, Rick's wife Andrea intuited that they would marry as her consciousness moved through the grids and saw the future. "Time travel" happens to us all the time. For now we are experiencing glimpses of temporal anomalies but our abilities will increase as the timelines end. Tick tock.

From Wikipedia ...

While in Canada filming the television movie Blood River in 1991, Schroder met a seventeen-year-old student named Andrea Bernard. The couple married on September 26, 1992 and went on to have four children. In 2013, they appeared on a segment of Oprah Winfrey's "Where Are They Now?" Andrea revealed that when she was eight-years-old, she made a "dream bag" with a photo of a then ten-year-old Ricky inside, along with a note that "someday she would like to marry Ricky." She crossed it out and wrote "meet," explaining she was embarrassed. Ten years later, the couple indeed did get married.

The Schroder's came from Staten Island where I am headed on this picture perfect day, to meet friends. Great weather always inspires me to have an adventure.

In the hands of time, some find love while others are not programmed to.

Has anything, or anyone, inspired you lately? We all become inspired, or enlightened, (or activated) at different points in our lives. Generally it has to do with fulfilling what we believe is our purpose here - be it positive or negative in duality. Inspiration often relates to intuition and synchronicity, then is played out in physical reality.

It's not easy to find inspiration these days when we realize that most things meet with challenges some of which are insurmountable. Do we press on unchallenged or do we look for something else ... or hope we are programmed for something new that turns out well? Physically and emotionally healthy people will always attract something new to pass the time. It may be short-lived or long term. People with emotional challenges continue on that path more often than not burning out no matter what their age.

Today, Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail inspired as always to be president. She's had a few days for soul searching yet on she goes with the hope and determination to beat Trump, a man as flawed as she is. If only we knew what was going on behind the scenes of both campaigns as we continue to watch this soap opera play out. If nothing else, Trump is entertaining and off-script like whipping out his ... medical records yesterday for Dr. Oz. OZ always conjures up all those Wizard of Oz metaphors that life is a dream ... Sh Boom !!

Ready for more "Hillary and Donald Live"?

Ready or not ... Here they come... Sing it Donald (visualize)...

Then it Fades to Black ... Sh Boom!! ... Fist Bump!