Monday, September 12, 2016


Fantasy Politics

So where did we leave off yesterday? Ah yes ... Hillary almost fainted at the 9/11 ceremonies. It was later reported that on Friday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and forgot to tell us. My friends on Facebook, who were initially defending her, are starting to see the truth about the lies and deceptions perpetuated by the Clintons. My friend Jack, and others, go along with the theory that Hillary has clones, or doubles, and that she really is much sicker than reported. Anything is possible.

Here's the thing. It's simple. It's all a conspiracy to get Hillary elected ... by those who call the shots... but they too have enemy factions. They are referred to by many names -- "The Powers That Be", "The Secret Government", "The Cabal" "Alien/Human Coalitions", etc. Time to take them down if possible. Too bad they didn't factor in that Hillary is a human, with human frailties, and would get sick. Whether you approved of her before, or not, she really does not have the stamina to be president. The pneumonia prognosis is most likely a cover-up for far more serious medical conditions. Hillary Clinton's Health Scare: 9 Unanswered Questions   NBC - September 12, 2016

Don't you just love it when Mercury Retrograde comes into play to reveal hidden truths. Trump just needs to stick to script and he will win ... oh boy ... or will there be another major twist in the plot? You have to wonder who calls the shots in his life? He probably thinks he does, but we know better. This is all about the many layers of conspiracies that have ruled our reality since the beginning, replete with busy work to divert our attention from the truth. In the end the truth will out.

Speaking of winning - I watched the Giants yesterday as they beat the Cowboys (20-19). Eli Manning did a good job to start the season.

Fantasy Football:
I'm really not familiar with fantasy football (sports) only that people have fun and make money playing. Yesterday I watched a tutorial on YouTube but decided that I don't know enough about the players and pro ball teams to participate. Besides I'm not a lucky gambler.