Sunday, September 25, 2016

Game on ...

The global fight for freedom continues, both at home and abroad. These are not just events but game changers. Change takes decades which no longer exist.

Tomorrow night, Trump and Hillary face the nation and the world in their first debate which will set viewer records. Debate prep school - one mistake can change everything. Bizarre campaign moment last week - Ted Cruz supporting Trump. I don't think the debate will determine who will become the next president but it will influence voters. People will be as interested in the dynamic between the candidates than what they say - hopefully about policy. Will Trump's inexperience and attitude show up? Will Hillary maintain her cool? Mark Cuban and Gennifer Flowers in the front row ... really? Is it all just entertainment - the final outcome not in voters hands? This is just a debate. I see other dramas before election day. Game on!

Game on ... Washington Redskins at New York Giants. New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs. Other NFL and Baseball games PGA Tour Golf Playoff: Tour Championship

On the fun side ... we celebrated my grandson Noah's 11th birthday at Red Bull Arena last night.