Monday, January 9, 2017

74th Golden Globes

As a woman who loves glitz and glamour, mixed with tasteful sophistication, the Golden Globes did not disappoint. The theme of the night - shear, shimmer and sparkle with many ladies showing their "globes". The fashions were absolutely gorgeous - too many favorites to name. Most of the awards went to a movie I have yet to see - La la Land in a la la landslide. As always there were films and TV series that I don't watch but for the most part I was familiar with the performers and their 2016 projects. Congratulations to all.

Now let's get to the highlight of the evening - actress Meryl Streep in her except in speech. Meryl, you may recall, was a passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. Last night Meryl used her platform (where she was being honored for her lifetime achievement as a film actress) both to defend Hollywood against charges of elitism and to call for people in the performing arts to remain resilient and proactive in the face of intolerance. She took dead aim at Trump's controversial rhetoric and behavior without ever mentioning him by name. This is not the Hollywood of days gone by. Today performers, writers, producers, often are politically active, social media allowing people to make a hard and fast statement.

Most people I know, who voted for Trump, did so because they simply couldn't support Hillary. What are the celebs missing? From what I'm currently hearing, though there are people who would like her to be mayor of New York City, Hillary is not planning to run. But as we know, the world gets crazier every day, politics is no exception to what is orchestrated to happen.


This weekend I read clients from California all of whom do not know each other but I had one thing in common -- flooding and its aftermath. One of the clients was preparing sandbags on Saturday just in case the flooding hit her home. She emailed Sunday that she and her family were safe. Another client wanted greater understanding on climate change and earthquake scenarios - as he lives near Mammoth Mountain.

Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that California had a huge drought? Everything goes in cycles that are hitting harder and more frequently. Should my California clients relocate? Some have already made the decision to do so by returning to the states where other family members live. Others cannot bear the thought of leaving California's climate and will stay till the end. It's not for me to make that decision for anybody - we all go as a guided/programmed.

Here's something most of my west coast clients have in common - dreams about the earth either blowing up or just disappearing. That takes them to the question, "What happens next?" Can I tell people that we are all about to be deleted and our ego identity here disappears in the blink of an eye? That goes to the emotional state of the client. For the most part projections in a hologram remain naive about the final outcome until it happens.

This morning in Brooklyn started at 17° with a mid-winter warm-up beginning Tuesday. The snow on the railing is gone.

Golden Reflections