Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, the 13th

January13, 2017

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Are you superstitious about the number 13 or is it just another day in the hologram?

On the matter of prophecies

We all play prophecy games. They tweak our intuition as we are becoming more psychic. They may also connect us to another timeline in which we are experiencing. Every year brings it's share of predictions sometimes adjusted to ancient prophecies. Even I went to Eskimo Woman Prophecy this year. Dates mean nothing as time is an illusion. I prefer to go with current events, dreams from the grids, and human intuition. Most interesting to me this week was one of daughters feeling an Ending of something on the horizon though she doesn't know what it is as all is well in her life. Today, Julie, who reads this blog, sent this prophecy just for fun about Italian philosopher Matteo Tafuri. I also found another article on Daily Mail...

Prophecy by 'Italian Nostradamus' made 500 years ago is at risk of coming true after Italian town is hit by two days of snow   Daily Mail - January 12, 2017
Over 500 years ago an Italian philosopher made the apocalyptic prediction that two consecutive days of snow in the sunny, southern Italian town of Salento would mean 'the end of the world'. Now, Matteo Tafuri's prophecy is at risk of coming true after freezing temperatures hit Italy's Peninsula, blanketing Salento's beaches in snow.

Apocalypse signs from "Italian Nostradamus" reveal themselves 500 years later - January 12, 2017

On the matter of aliens

It would be great to have The X-Files return and continue where it left off ...
a UFO hovering over Mulder and Scully on a bridge. Fox Bosses Talk X-Files

January 13, 1938

William B. Davis

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William B. Davis is a Canadian actor.

The truth is out there ... wait for it.