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January 29, 2017

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January 28, 2017

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

From ... The Year of the Rooster is underway. This weekend, more than a billion people celebrated the Chinese New Year. To mark the occasion, the Chinese Astronomy Photographic Alliance took this picture of Orion framed by fireworks ... "When the three Belt stars of Orion shine high in the south after sunset, it's time for the spring festival in China ... the traditional Chinese New Year, starting this weekend!" says Jeff Dai, who forwarded the photo. "The stars of Orion's Belt are regarded as the three gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity by Chinese. It's a lunar new year and so the date is based upon the new moon. This year's festivities kicked off on Jan. 28th and will continue for 15 days, culminating with the Lantern Festival.

Speaking of Fireworks ... Trump's First Week in Office

Saturday January 28, 2017 - New Moon 8° Aquarius

The same Trump we met during the election has come forward with many ideas that are confusing, divisive, conspiratorial, and total distractions. As I watched commentary on my favorite NBC news shows, the experts seem just as confused about what Trump is doing as I do. I don't claim to understand the many facets of the political and economic systems, but I do know the truth lies hidden. To make daily commentary here seems futile and not my programming. Most of Trump's team won't last - with one exception - Mike Pence who's smiling expression reads, "I'll soon be president." Again it keeps us engaged while so much more goes on behind the scenes.

Saturday, Trump spoke with five world leaders -- most significantly Putin. (When I "dictated" the name Putin to my computer it spelled his name "Poop" ... maybe it was reading my mind or I projected the word ... It is after all just a thought experiment.) Clients in Russia are waiting for Trump to lift the sanctions. Can he be that stupid? Don't answer that. Trump and Putin ... something smells.

Trump and Putin make counter-terror top priority in first call   CNN - January 29, 2017
Donald Trump held a series of phone calls with world leaders on Saturday - including one with Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin said both sides had agreed to make fighting "international terrorism" - including so-called Islamic State and "other terrorist groups" in Syria - a top priority. The White House said the call was a "significant start" to improving a relationship "in need of repair". Mr Trump also spoke with leaders from Russia, Japan, Germany, France and Australia.

I don't know all the facts about US relations with Mexico, but when Trump says he's getting along with President Nieto, that makes sense. The wall will take years and cost billions of dollars. With earthquake activity increasing, it's doubtful it will ever get far.

Trump's dizzying first week in office culminated with an executive order blocking U.S. entry to refugees from around the world for months or longer. It also bars citizens of seven countries, including Syria and Iraq. The order trapped travelers at airports and upended the lives of refugees. There were protests, along with scattered support. On Saturday night, a federal judge blocked part of the order, preventing those being detained at U.S. airports from being deported. Across the world, refugees and even some permanent U.S. residents with green cards grappled with the far-reaching effects of the abrupt border closure, which experts said was likely to increase, not decrease, the threat of terrorism. And array of Christian leaders denounced Trump's plan to give priority to Christian refugees when arrivals resume.