Wednesday, January 25, 2017


List of Fortifications (Walls) Past and Present

Today, President Trump is expected to announce plans for one of his campaign's signature promises, the construction of a wall along the Mexican border. He also intends to slash the number of refugees who can move to the U.S., including from Syria and other majority-Muslim nations. We need time to fix America's issues - if possible - before we can take in the never-ending flow of refugees as people seeking freedom from persecution.

Do you recognize the wall in this pic ? It takes us to Ancient Alien Theory.

Then there's Wall Street as investors wait for the Dow to hit 20,000
(19,942.71 as of this post) as they play their games. Yahoo Finance

Facebook has Walls on which you can post your thoughts and share your experiences and pics.

Humans build walls ... Physical and Emotional.

It's all about fear, anxiety, and feeling protected which is not easy these days.

We continue to work through issues, recognize personal truths, and move forward alone or with others.

Moving forward into light and consciousness ...

Make a list of everyone on your "wall" who blocks your journey.

Figure out a way to go around, through, or over to be free.

If it seems impossible, know that everything will soon change as the illusion ends.

Final Wall ...
Seeing Through the Wall of Illusion