Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 2
The Immigration Ban

The political crisis continues to build after Trump's order to close the borders to refugees and visitors from the predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen). Amid protests over the weekend, the White House pulled back on part of the temporary ban, and as of Sunday night, officials said no one was being held at U.S. airports. Some lawyers disagreed. The order created uncertainty about the U.S. immigration system. Legal residents from those countries were affected at first, but they are now exempt. Trump's plan received little or no legal review. The secretary of homeland security was not asked for guidance, and Customs and Border Protection officers were unaware. Trump said the order was a matter of national security, but some Republicans are calling for him to back down. European leaders and Silicon Valley executives denounced the move, while predominantly Muslim nations not affected by the order, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, have not responded publicly. Terrorism experts say it is unlikely to significantly reduce the threat of an attack in the U.S. Judges in at least four cities ruled that the president had moved too quickly, the first steps in litigation that may last years.

  Donald Trump's travel ban fundamentally changes American history   CNN - January 30, 2017
Donald Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim-majority nations marks an early defining moment for his presidency and an inflection point in America's posture toward Islam and the outside world that could resonate in history. The move, which also temporarily bars refugees from entering the US, ushers in the first clash between Trump's populist and proudly politically incorrect leadership style and what his critics see as bedrock values that define the nation.

  Trump travel ban: Here's what you need to know   CNN - January 30, 2017
It was a wild couple of days of chaos and confusion after President Trump signed his travel ban. Not up to speed on what went down over the weekend? Here's a quick primer.

  2nd day of protests over Trump's immigration policies   CNN - January 30, 2017
America's major airports became ground zero Sunday for a second consecutive day of protests against President Donald Trump's new immigration policies.

2017 SAG Awards - Politics and the Immigration Ban

  SAG Awards 2017 gets political   CNN - January 30, 2017
From the moment the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony began Sunday, the stars wasted no time diving right into politics. From "Scandal" star Kerry Washington explaining that actors are activists to Ashton Kutcher declaring "I am a citizen of the world," Hollywood did not shy away from what was on the mind of many in attendance -- President Trump's travel ban.

  Trump travel ban attacked at Screen Actors Guild awards   BBC - January 30, 2017
Hidden Figures was the surprise winner of the top prize at this year's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, which was dominated by anger over Donald Trump's policies on immigration.

The film, which tells the true story of black female mathematicians during the 1960s space race, won the best ensemble prize at the Los Angeles ceremony. Denzel Washington was named best actor for Fences. Several winners attacked Mr Trump's ban on immigration from seven countries. The tone was set by host Ashton Kutcher, who began the evening by greeting "everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my America". Julia Louis-Dreyfus called the immigration ban "a blemish" and "un-American" as she won best comedy TV actress for Veep. And there were cheers for actress Taylor Schilling when she described the award-winning cast of Orange is the New Black as "a diverse group of people, representing generations of families who have sought a better life here".