Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Memos

I try not to blog about Trump, but as of late he has incited violence, there have been marches across the US asking for his impeachment, his need to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is not about helping people get better health coverage but about him checking one more thing off on his list of promises made during his campaign. None of it makes sense on any level and is all part of a master plan of some kind.

As for me, family visited Sunday, enjoying a very nice gathering as no one mentioning politics. We are all on the same page so what's left to say.

Today momentarily takes me away from Brooklyn for one hour as I read a client in Dubai - always interesting.

Tomorrow I meet up with Harold at the diner. We met in 1989 at a MUFON conference in Manhattan - his guide being an alien Gray name ZM while I connect with Z by any description.

The Breath of God

Sunday, after my family left, I decided to talk to Z. He showed me the end of Sarah and Alexander on July 4 as they transform into light and energy ... And then a strange thing happened ... I felt a breath enter my mouth ... and then exit as the hologram ended and I went off with Z.

I knew this was something profound so I googled immediately finding this website The Holy Spirit: Breath of God. I guess many of you are familiar with the breath of life in the spiritual sense, but I wasn't.

The last time I felt an unexplained breeze was July 4, 1989 when I climbed a mountain in Nevada - the place of my UFO encounter in 1954 - and spoke to Z about my destiny.

This is obviously another end time message, following last week's remote view with Michelle.

I want to add that as of late I'm getting email from people with end time symbology in their daily lives, dreams, and meditations.