Monday, July 24, 2017

The Truth Will Set You Free

We enter the last week of July with continued political dramas if you care to engage and figure out the conspiracies. Sunday I watched the 2016 film Snowden about the adventures of Edward Snowden and remembered the duality of his actions when they played out across the world stage. Is it better to hide the truth as the public searches and formulates their own conclusions, or to talk about covert actions putting US security in jeopardy? I go with ... let all truths be told especially now in end times. One way or another, with Trump as president or not, truth will be told allowing humanity to understand the illusion in which we emotionally play. That will set the souls free.

Google Street View

Google Street View now allows users to visit the ISS and more in, the latest in a series of landmarks you can now explore  
BAB News - July 24, 2017

Remember when we studied the Yonaguni Monument in reference to ancient aliens. Here it is up close and personal.

The window has opened. Stay cool ...

Two Leo New Moons - Lunar and Solar Eclipses
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Mercury will be retrograde during this window - August 12 - September 5, 2017.