Monday, July 17, 2017


Are you ready to face another week of Trump cover-ups and lies? I've been avoiding things since the Don Jr. ongoing conspiracy started last week - it's like watching a reality show. Can we refer to Don Jr. as DJ? He sort of has that energy. Let's see what this week brings. Conspiracy TV ratings are up, but Trump's approval ratings are down - dropping to 36% the lowest of any president for 70 years.

When you think about it, most presidents are flawed by the systems that control them, among other factors. As much as we would like to believe they can make everything better, bureaucratic BS will never allow it. Stepping outside of 3D we realize this is all part of the algorithm of reality which is based on conspiracies and lies to create dramas and the quest for answers. It would seem that the algorithm can go on re-creating over and over again following the same patterns of illusion.

Speaking of TV series ... I found this article though I don't watch the show.'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Premiere: TV Review   Hollywood Reporter - July 17, 2017

Also highly rated Sunday was Wimbledon 2017 when Roger Federer won his record eight Wimbledon title. Congratulations! Well played.


How's the weather in your area? This won't be a bad week here in the city especially if you live, travel and work in air conditioned environments. Many areas of the country and Canada still deal with wildfires and flooding. Did you see the Arizona flash flooding incident Sunday? (video above) I know many retired and burned out people who moved to secluded areas to find peace and tranquility ... often interrupted by the forces of nature. Dramas seem to ultimately find everyone, so please be prepared and careful especially as end times accelerate.

The emotional climate is deteriorating along with the physical environment. Sunday, when I was out and about, I ran into a neighbor who told me how angry and frustrated everybody has become. "People just snap at you," he said, this change in human personality hard for him to relate to. You're going to see more and more people pulling away from friendships or anything that rocks their boat, especially if those people suffer from anxiety disorders.

Remembering Martin Landau

Today, I honor the memory of actor Martin Landau whose performances I enjoyed through the decades, highlighted with the original TV series "Mission Impossible". When Landau appeared in more contemporary films and TV shows, I reasoned that younger generations had no idea who he was, but seniors like me really enjoyed the special moments he brought to our lives. Today Mission: Impossible is a film series starring Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible 6 to premier in 2018 - that makes the film MI6.

June 20, 1928 - July 15, 2017

  Martin Landau Google Videos

Everything that has happened to me is of value to me.
As painful as certain things are, and have been, and were,
there's a use for those things in my life and in my work.

Martin Landau Quotes