Thursday, July 20, 2017

US Health Care

As we know US health care is as weak and fragile as the people who need it. Today we find out that Senator John McCain, 81, has brain cancer which begs the question, "What if he didn't have proper health coverage?" Let the Senators and Trump who are pushing a destructive bill think about that. Disgraceful in this day and age. McCain is only 7 years older than my friends and I who had another "reunion" yesterday.

Lincoln High School Class of 1960

Ellie, Ellie and Anita in Woodmere, NY Wednesday July 19, 2017

Ellie's husband Marty died 12 years ago. Does anybody else see him in this picture?

I love the spiraling consciousness symbolism rising above my head.
Ellie's name is also Elinor, spelled the same way. She is two month older than me (Sagittarius).
Luckily we are both in good health with no medical issues so far. We love to laugh which explains a lot.
Ellie. Marty, and I were all teachers.

When should you change therapists? Text and Video Blog

It's all about the flow of the collective unconsciousness or holographic grids.


Where Did Time Come From, and Why Does It Seem to Flow?

Is the flow of time real or an illusion?

Is time fundamental to the Universe?

If multiple universes exist, do they have a common clock?

What do you think are the most exciting recent advances in understanding time?