Friday, September 9, 2011


The sun is shining brightly this morning ... the energies calm in the city. Many people took today off so they didn't have to go to the city - just in case .... Always remember that major cliffhangers (inserts) come out of the blue.

There's really only one major story over the next few days ... events linked to 9/11 (the end of the program). Every media service will be posting and airing stories from "The day that changed the face of the world" - focusing now on a potential threat for 9/11/11.

I spoke to Pat, Thursday night. She had driven home to the West Village, passing Ground Zero as she came out of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, and reported security was stepped up from the morning. It will increase as time gets closer. I had a visual of people sitting back, watching TV, or reading the Internet, as if waiting for something to happen. This is not the event your soul is telling you is coming.

For me, I am experiencing the heightened tensions, but see nothing earth shattering - the weekend coming and going without major incident.

It's the memories that will set the tone for the world ... and how our lives have changed since 9/11. As the human race is here to experience emotions - they will be reflected on - and heightened Sunday.

How has your life changed over the past 10 years, since 9/11/01? My life and work has evolved exactly as shown to me in 1954 and now awaits completion.


For weeks I have been seeing thick black smoke around mid-October. Thursday evening, I was looking at it with Ron and a thought came to mind: "Nero fiddled while Rome burned". Surprised, Ron told me that expression has also been in his mind for weeks. The black smoke could reference the Pope and the Vatican. I also saw the Statue of Liberty - across from Ground Zero - her torch flaming under a setting sun in pinks and reds.

Email from Gabe who just returned from Italy

    Black Smoke happens after the Pope dies and they await the new pope at which time the white smoke occurs. I remember being in italy at 7 years old when John Paul I was elected. Remember after this Pope comes the "Black Pope," the end of the Vatican. With all I have seen in Italy recently, the breaking down of moral fiber and customs, Italy is right for the moment. I also believe this new terror threat is a 'smoke' screen to start the big war to end it all because the economy is done. There are no more cards in the deck to pull.


It will be interesting to see how the Stock Market fares on Friday after Obama's speech last night.

Friday Look Ahead: Markets Will Dissect Obama Jobs Plan and Watch G7   CNBC - September 9, 2011

Markets Friday will debate the merits of President Obama's $447 billion jobs package and monitor G7 finance ministers, who meet in France against a backdrop of weaker global growth and fears of financial contagion from Europe.

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Lutnick: Sadness, Survival And Success   CBC - September 9, 2011

Financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald may have lost the most employees in the September 11 attacks a decade ago, but it may also be the biggest comeback story.