Thursday, September 29, 2011

Capping It Off

This week I 'saw' an hourglass that was empty - meaning time is up.

The top floated off then changed into a cap then into the top of a jellyfish. Today, while searching google images for a blue being - the first image was this blue jellyfish. Symbology: Going with the flow - wherever life takes you ... Blue is next. Blue Beings ... Being Alexander ... Being Here. To Cap something off: to complete an experience. Cap off: Finish or complete with some decisive action

Next ... while looking for articles for Ezine I found this capped-shaped image.

The story does not apply as I've never used drugs, but I connected with 'Magic'.

'Magic Mushrooms' May Permanently Alter Personality   Live Science - September 29, 2011

People given psilocybin, the compound in "magic mushrooms" that causes hallucinations and feelings of transcendence, demonstrated a more "open" personality after their experience, an effect that persisted for at least 14 months. Openness is a psychological term referring to an appreciation for new experiences. People who are more open tend to have broad imaginations and value emotion, art and curiosity. This personality warp is unusual, said study researcher Katherine MacLean, because personality rarely changes much after the age of 25 or 30. (In fact, one recent study found that by first grade our personalities are set pretty much for life.)

Ellie's Class Friday Night 11/11/11

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions about recording the conference or doing some sort of webinar, but none of them work for me. It's about being here in the energies and being interactive. Any type of web connection, or phone recording or whatever ... could run into glitches and would disturb the flow of those here. The class will be about my theories on 11 and so forth, but as a visual person, don't see how it would work. Maybe we can do a webinar one day having nothing to do with 11/11/11, but I'm not sure how.