Friday, September 2, 2011

Reality as a DVD

Imagine reality as a movie you are watching on DVD. The entire plot is on the DVD, therefore the beginning, end, and events in between are all there. As it relates to our reality experience, it is a good analogy ... it's all already scripted and set in motion. At some point, either during or at the end of the movie, you turn it off and remove the DVD. The characters were only affected by the events in the movie up until it either ended or was turned off. They are projected illusion on your screen. Somewhere their stories have vicariously registered in your consciousness to either be stored or deleted as needed. But they are not real - just as physical reality is an illusion.

You can apply this to a video you made of yourself and others. You record the events with your camera, then upload to your computer. As the creator, you can pause events, edit them, but, in all, you follow the script you created before you began. If you are a professional, your script must follow a specific formula from beginning to end for film production. If it's just for fun, that, too, will also have a conceptualized theme behind your creation. You do things to learn, experience, have fun, test our creative consciousness, and often recreate and rebrand your production making it better and more adaptable to the timeline in which it was produced and will be experienced.

At the end of the day ... it is just a concept brought forth into a reality somewhere for understanding. Such is this reality when looking at it from outside the box. This realty is only a temporary experience. All of it will soon end like the DVD - or the dream at the end of the film "Inception". There are the creators who provided the project and the characters within who are just figments of the creators' imagination. Don't you want to know who you really are?

Reality Today

Can you sense how tired the souls are at the end while faced with increasing challenges. This is the formula found in all movie productions. There is always drama as it comes to an end. The happy ending is the understanding that is is just a consciousness production.

[As I type this, why do I see myself at the end of a game somewhere - racing against time ... like the last seconds of bidding on eBay - as I play against others to see who can awaken the most souls? Could that be the true reality? I wonder. Can't wait to find out.]

Back in the game ...

Addictive patterns are increasing. People with emotional problems are suffering more than ever.

Bullying - People who were bullied as children, often bully others when they grow up or are now accessing their roles as victims in their adult lives.

MDD - Major Depressive Disorder is found in all walks of life and still remains untreated and self-medicated by millions of people.

Many people who do not fit what we call "the norm" yet graduate school and support themselves - are now thought to be suffering from some aspect of Asperger Syndrome ... a wide spectrum of behavior patterns overlapping into OCD. It's always about the brain and consciousness programming.

In relationships, people want someone to share their lives and be there for them, so they can step back and take some time away from their dramas and stress.