Wednesday, September 7, 2011


About the energies - they are so powerful now, I have to wonder if they will subside, as in the past, or continue to accelerate up and out as the program closes. Many people go to sleep at night and wonder if they will wake up in this reality or find that it has finally ended.

Today, we return to the natural disasters facing the world. In the final days - we are following prophecies - floods, fires, diseases, etc. are accelerating our key word from now, until the end. I know few people who have their heads still buried in the metaphoric sands of time that don't know what's going on and what's coming. I feel sorry for those still in denial. People ask if there is a safe area to live. The answer is no - not on this planet. We need to go home.

Leena in Texas sent email and photos

    Texas is burning !!

    This is god awful! It's devastating! 1,000 homes are destroyed so far, 25,000 acres burned, 5,000 people homeless, plus all the animals! Bastrop County is farm country, lots of livestock. My friends Tom lives there and breeds Finnish Spitz the national dog of Finland, where my dog Pepi came from. I am heart sick not knowing what has happened to them. We can smell the fire here in Houston.