Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunset on
September 28 - 30, 2011

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish Year 5772

Back in Connecticut, my grandson Matthew (8, third grade) started Hebrew School this month. Last night we discussed Rosh Hashanah and a family gathering Thursday. Matthew asked what the new year will be. Oh, how happy Grandma was that she blogs and knew the answer. "5772", I quickly replied and he was so excited that I knew. Next, we went onto something easier - two sets of numbers that when added together equal 100. Whew! I was always great in math and aced that. :) As to Noah, he is still pondering what I should get him for his 6th birthday. Last year I got him a V-reader adding new stories when they come out every few months. Looks like it's off to Toys R' Us after the holidays.

The Blue Beings ...

Monday afternoon, while reading a male client, I found myself back in ancient Egypt ... or above time ... with two very tall Blue entities. They spoke in harmonics, had no knowledge of the human language, and here is what was conveyed. I suddenly felt connected to them as if my body was starting to grow - pains in my neck and shoulders. One of them saw the pain, touched my left shoulder and it disappeared. Sirius was home and I came here with them in the beginning. They acknowledged the blue photo of me on the wall as if the truth was there ... and then they were gone. They were perhaps linked to my client from a parallel timeline when we all knew each other. One thing was clear - the time of awakening ... in the photo and from the hologram has arrived.

Email from Amy

    Hi Ellie,

    We've just had daylight savings switch over down here in NZ, so instead of reading your blog before I go to bed, it's there waiting for me in the mornings. This morning I woke up and read your blog with my coffee. Color me shocked.... The blue men visited you!

    We call one of them Uncle Mark. I never named the other. They came to me and my mother in June of 2007 - one of the most 'magical' years that I can remember of my relatively short life. They did something to us both that day, ever since then i've had extreme sensory sensitivity among other things. The encounter with them is something I will never forget. I've only seen them in my dreams since then, but I know when they're near. They've also visited two or three of my friends since I first consciously encountered them here.

    I drew a picture of Uncle Mark not so long after that day in 2007, and ever since then, he's been attached to painting in my houses, every so often I move him around to a new painting. The picture is torn in several places and faded now but I can't bring myself to dispose of it. Whenever I think of the tall blue men, it brings comfort and a sense of being at home, so having the picture around has helped me a lot through dark times and loneliness. Lately, I have thought about them a lot, usually with a sense of home sickness and longing. Seeing you write about them was another insert in a long line of inserts.... but it brings back that comfort. The knowing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story about them.

    Best Wishes, Amy Zander

After writing the first draft of Sarah and Alexander in December 1989

I read a college student majoring in art, who drew 3 images of Alexander.

- -   

Was she also drawing the fleur-de-lis?