Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Events This Weekend

Dragon Con in Atlanta -- Dragon Con Website -- CNN Report

Burning Man in Nevada -- Burning Man Website -- Google News

Lots of classic cars driving around the streets of Brooklyn this weekend. There must be a parade or event somewhere. Most of the cars are convertibles - great weather to put your top down.

On another note -- this is a rough Labor Day Weekend for many people due to accelerating natural disasters that won't stop, Zero job growth for August, and the fear, loss and confusion for those running out of money and options. Next week will be all about 9/11 - Ground Zero - Wall Street - and what some are calling The 9/11 Weekend which takes us to power and money - pre and post 9/11. That's our history in the Masonic Program - the Pyramid and the Eye and Number 11.

Geometry, Duality, Golden Alchemy, The Book, The Eye

As is Above, So is Below

Gold Standard - Music Standard (Harmonic Creation and Destruction)

Bars and Codes

Drawing the (scrimmage) line

Anyone trying to organize an event can tell you that coordinating the schedules of busy people is sometimes impossible. A sorry reflection of this - and who does and doesn't run the country - happened this week with President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. Maybe this is all a game as I blogged Friday (see below). In case you missed the play action linked to the debut of the NFL season ... here's what happened. Who's really calling the plays? Think about how much money is invested in the football season... and why there couldn't have been a strike. Obama's Huge Mistake on the Jobs Speech   Huffington Post

In any "event", if you're on vacation, or just relaxing at home this Labor Day Weekend, you have a lot to think about. Share your opinions with others involved and plan for 2012. It promises to be a crazy year filled with surprises. Many people are going to get screwed.

September 3, 1932

Eileen Brennan

  Eileen Brennan Google Videos

Eileen Brennan is an award winning American

actress of film, television, and theater.

We live in crazy times with crazier outcomes.

Eileen Brennan

Budd Hopkins

June 15, 1931 - August 21, 2011

Ellie and Budd 2007

Last week, as Virgo Transition began, I was so busy blogging about the Virginia earthquake, Crystalinks' Sweet 16, and hurricane Irene, I missed another important story - the death Budd Hopkins who I have known since the 1980's when I joined MUFON in NY and Budd was the guest speaker. Budd was an American painter, sculptor, and prominent figure in abduction phenomenon, and related UFO research. He guided and inspired many of us with his work and dedication to disclosing the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. We hope his dream will soon come true. Whitley Strieber wrote ... A Man of Courage has Died.