Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Being Here...

If you're feeling stranger than usual, it could be due to the energies of the sun, moon, and Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year 5772 or 777. As you know energies build affecting each of us differently along the way. It's the sun that is of greatest interest to me ... always has been. I have no understanding about the interest in comet Elenin. On August 19, 2011 Elenin was hit by a CME and is now disintegrating and becoming dimmer.

Back in Ellie's World things are over-the-top busy. Not only did I dream about Susan Powell's disappearance and murder, but much of Monday was about working with police on 2 other cases. The patterns and synchronicities that present themselves each day - still impress. Today a man emailed about finding his ex-wife and children. My first impression was they ran away from him - abuse. I declined his request.

Monday afternoon, while reading a male client, I found myself back in ancient Egypt ... or above time ... with two very tall Blue entities. They spoke in harmonics, had no knowledge of the human language, and here is what was conveyed. I suddenly felt part of them as if my body was starting to grow - pains in my neck and shoulders. One of them saw the pain, touched my left shoulder and it disappeared. Sirius was home and I came here with them in the beginning. They acknowledged the blue photo of me on the wall as if the truth was there ... and then they were gone. They were perhaps linked to my client from a parallel timeline when we all knew each other. One thing was clear - the time of awakening ... in the photo and from the hologram has arrived.

Do you ever feel that by understanding the truth behind the illusion, you are part of an elite group of souls who came here for special purpose - highlighting when the program closes? You're not here to save the hologram or the souls because you know where that is going, but there's something more you will soon discover. It comes out of the blue and into the black. Wait for it!

The Sun and the Moon

September 27, 2011

New Moon 4° Libra

"Dark" Supermoon: New Moon Gets Closest to Earth  

National Geographic - September 27, 2011

Tonight the new moon will make a close approach to Earth, giving rise to the

second supermoon of the year - but this one will have the power of invisibility.

Current Solar Data From NOAA

The solar chart above shows major CMEs that will affect not only the Earth but other parts of the solar system. Nothing is contained to Earth alone anymore. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) affect planetary magnetics, spark geomagnetic storms, affect power grids, GPS, satellite communications, shift ocean and jet stream currents in the Pacific Ring of Fire -> create unusual and extreme global weather patterns and unstoppable Earth changes, and affect the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms.

September 27, 1998

Google Inc.

Google Inc. is a multinational public cloud computing,

Internet search, and advertising technologies corporation.

Sunset September 28 - 30, 2011

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish Year 5772

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish spiritual New Year. The Mishnah, the core work of the Jewish oral law, sets this day aside as the new year for calculating calendar years and sabbatical and jubilee years. Rabbinic literature describes this day as a day of judgement. Some descriptions depict God as sitting upon a throne, while books containing the deeds of all humanity are opened before Him. This holiday begins with Rosh Hashanah, followed by the days of repentance, and end with the holiday of Yom Kippur.

Ellie's Class Friday Night 11/11/11

I have had many requests for a webinar or Skype connection during the class, but my computer is in my office and not near the area I will be teaching. If someone comes up with a solution, I will post about it on Ellie's World.