Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day after Thanksgiving

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving wherever you were. New Yorkers embraced the energies with comparatively warm weather, the 85th Thanksgiving Day Parade and in general an amazing feeling of holiday spirit. Not sure why ... but all feels on target in the hologram - like energies gliding through the grids with a happy hum. Sagittarius - Jupiter - Zeus - Z - his arrow of time on course. These are great energies to create balance with friends and family by settling issues and letting things go/flow. Try it. Don't take baggage with you into 2012. You don't have to be close with someone again, just create a peaceful balanced ending that you both get energetically.

I had a great conversation with my friend Colette Baron Reid today about how things are moving into place for everyone now and how the work we came here to do is falling into place. For me the journey has always been clear as I sit here on the event horizon. Colette and I met in 2009 and have remained friends ever since. She lived in Sedona, but in 2011 moved to NH and now lives by the Atlantic Ocean. We are teachers, psychics, mediums, authors, in media, and more. I spoke about this exhilarating feeling I have of completion here and Colette saw it too. After we talked, she emailed ... "Ellie, I so appreciate you !!! What a nice conversation. I will be in touch about my radio show and we will have a REAL conversation about life, physics, reality, creation, the holographic universe and whatever else you want to talk about !!!" Something is right in the hologram now.

Today, as you know, is Black Friday which creates a crazy shopping frenzy for thousands of people seeking bargains - some of whom may go crazy due to pent up frustrations in their lives. Don't forget that Mercury is retrograde so save those receipts and happy shopping if you are out there. If you're playing at my level of the game - tuned into the same radio frequency - all is well. If you're listening to the broadcast that is causing all this chaos ... then it's time to change to channel or upgrade to digital (010011).

Thanksgiving for me with family in NJ was perfect - including the traffic. As I watched my grandson play football on the annual gathering of students (not a team) at the local school, I remembered last year when they played in the snow and the kids' moms couldn't get them to leave. I had the best time with my grandson Michael, 13, who is on his way to becoming a great writer. His work is now being published. Michael showed me his iPhone 4S (Siri) - this is a must buy present for Grandma. Thursday, I also exchanged emails with friends far and wide leaving me with such connective feelings and joy. It seems this was a special Thanksgiving for those I know and their families - almost like a step out of time and into wonderland. Are we in a bubble or dome?


I've always had a thing about domes especially those that look out into space. The dome about comes from Friday's Astronomy Picture of the Day - A Glimpse of CLIMSO. Explanation: A tantalizing glimpse inside this dome was captured after sunset at the mountain top Pic Du Midi Observatory in the French Pyrenees. But while most are just beginning their work at sunset, this observatory's day was done. The instrument looming within is CLIMSO (for Christian Latouche IMageur Solaire), dedicated to exploring dynamic phenomena across the surface and atmosphere of the Sun. To image the solar atmosphere or corona, CLIMSO uses coronographs. Developed by French astronomer Bernard Lyot in the 1930s, coronographs block light from the center of the telescope beam to create an artificial solar eclipse and allow a continuous view of the solar corona. In this surreal twilight scene above a sea of clouds, the dome's interior was revealed by the single, long exposure as the open slit rotated across the field of view.

Signals: This ancient satellite dish, buried for eons under the water, calls to me now.

November 25, 2011

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 2° Sagittarius

Sagittarius New Moon

The Eclipse and Ancient Civilizations...