Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Memos

Welcome back, if you were away for the long holiday weekend. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Did you go shopping last weekend? Get any good bargains? You may be like millions of other shoppers who wait for today ... Cyber Monday ... a great online shopping day. One client told me about December 1, when she gets paid ... and in 2011 is called Cyber Thursday. Again I stress be careful what you buy during Mercury Retrograde, especially online when you can't personally examine products. In past years, I have heard about phenomenal deals on computers and other technology, so good luck on your quest to find the best gifts you can afford in 2011.

Never have I seen so many people in touch with global events - economic, political, scandals, etc. It's all do to the Internet and social networking and a driving need for change. It's good to know that people are paying attention, waiting to see what happens and knowing the wait won't be long.

Did you ever stop to think that one of the reasons the job markets have not made gains is because people are too burned out to work? The mini-breakdown is still happening as people find other sources of revenue, often depleting their assets. Watch the patterns from the physical to the emotional - to understand the truth. Are you one of the people who 'dropped out'? Can you hold down a full time job? If you are one of the 50% who are on medication for emotional problems and/or substance abuse, would having a "purpose" to move forward in your life change everything? Ask yourself this ... What is my purpose in life for 2012?

Planning for 2012:

As December approaches, people will face 2012, laying the groundwork for personal decisions based on many factors. One of the most influential will be the "Fate of Prophecy," highlighted with the December 21, 2012 date - the move from physical reality back to light. There is a lot riding on the destiny of 2012 for millions of people: who are burned out, know the program is closing, and already feel disconnected from physical reality as we experience it. Decisions about going to school, changing jobs or careers, how one spends their money in what they perceive of as end times, the way they deal with personal relations, etc. will all be evaluated. Allow your internal barometer to gauge those decision and know you will be, where you are supposed to be, at the appointed time.

Here is an example of personal changes - you live with someone in an outgrown relationship. Should you stay together knowing the program will end, or should you move forward and leave based on something within guiding you to be free at any and all costs. As always, it all goes to money which gives one power and freedom. There are still people out there who believe they will leave a bad relationship and find a soul-mate. Maybe ... but assume nothing, no matter what self-help gurus teach you. The name of the game in 2012 has to be about finding yourself, and not through another person. It's an inward journey.