Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zucotti Park with a "Z"

After two months - a lot has happened here - the kind of stuff young protestors would later tell their children and grandchildren if you believe life continues on. People wanting to make a difference have come and gone, their numbers a constant for now. Though much has shifted for the protestors, I don't see anything changed on the economic front. It is not hard to understand what people want and I agree - their passion to be empowered and free - a driving force. Everywhere souls are tired, frustrated, and in general burned out. Are we just living another chapter in the history of humanity or does this turn things around? Are we repeating a time loop? waiting for something?

This morning at 6:00, one could hear military cadences through the neighborhood, as soldiers from Fort Hamilton ran past my building - returning one hour later. This always signals the military is preparing for something, as generally the soldiers do not leave the base. It is possible they are preparing for martial law should things in the city get out of control. Time to be prepared.

Meandering Water Course

They say that life is like a meandering river which follows its course as we "go with the flow' and see where it takes us. It is generally best to let it guide one's journey. Life takes you where you are meant to be. Don't fight the current. Sometimes you have to let the river take you.

Albert Einstein meditated on the origin and mechanism of the meander. Applying his noted thought experiments to the problem, he compared the river to a cup of tea. If you make your tea the old-fashioned way, ending up with a few tea leaves at the bottom of the teacup, and you start stirring the tea, you would expect the leaves to move outward, due to the push of the centrifugal force. Instead the leaves follow a spiral trajectory toward the center the cup. The physical processes that result in this tea leaf paradox are essentially the same as the ones responsible for building point bars in meandering rivers.

In a paper published in 1926, Einstein first explains how the velocity of the fluid tea flow is smaller at the bottom of the cup than higher up, due to friction at the wall. The velocity has to decrease to zero at the wall, a constraint called no-slip condition in fluid mechanics. To Einstein it is obvious that "the result of this will be a circular movement of the liquid" in the vertical plane, with the liquid moving toward the center at the bottom of the cup and outward at the surface.

The circular movement takes us to the spiraling consciousness of reality, the event horizon and the black hole where creation resides.

Where has the current taken me today? As always, the meandering river of my streaming consciousness led me to another synchronicity in time where I met Schrodinger's Cat who took me to The Matrix where Neo watched the black cat walk by several times allowing Morpheus to recognize that they were in the Matrix. It's all a paradox. The cat takes me back through the realities of ancient Egypt, time travel, and creation.

12 Around 1

Where do we go from here?

Let's see where the current takes us ......