Friday, November 4, 2011

Everything I do is tied to something else ...

Friday ... It certainly has been busy around here - so let's start with these few examples as the energies have been unpredictable.

I spent Thursday with George on one of the wildest, wackiest days ever - but that has been the pattern of my life for the past 2 weeks ... at least. I believe it has to do with grid turbulence.

About George ... he is considering spending the winter in Florida and will be there looking for an apartment during the time of my 11/11/11 class. This morning, I dreamed that he was with a realtor who took him to an apartment and said, "This is a great one bedroom with a view and 'exit portal'." (laugh ... metaphors) Maybe I should go there first and take it myself!

November is ratings sweeps month - and I am loving my TV shows - especially the action and adventures with outrageous storylines. Thursday night Person of Interest, took place in Brighton Beach - complete with updates about the games of the local mobsters. Location shots included the streets and boardwalk where I grew up as well as Coney Island. (Do you remember my Coney Island adventures with George that were linked the TV show Fringe?) As "Person of Interest" is a crime show it involved the local mobs which sometimes overlaps into my work with law enforcement and clients. I quickly figured out who the Bad Guy was on last night's episode ... a High School teacher from the school I used to teach in.

Now let's time travel back to Thursday afternoon ... While George and I were out and about - a woman pushing a baby carriage stopped me and said, "Ellie, is that you?" Long story short, her name is Ellen and was a fellow high school teacher from the same High School. Ellen and I lived out all of our adventures in an area called Manhattan Beach. Her daughter and my daughter, Zsia, went to school together ... and there she was baby sitting for her daughter's new son. Ah ... the metaphors. We exchanged phone numbers as she recently moved to Bay Ridge on the water and will meet again one day soon to catch up. She related that people from the old neighborhood spoke about me as a great healer ... though I see myself more as a teacher.

Next story ...

Remember Hurricane Irene (August 23 in NYC) - that slammed the east coast and closed down everything? Two days before that I mailed my granddaughter Joie in Chandler, Arizona feather earrings that she was not able to find in her area. I also enclosed a check for $200 for her birthday. The package had tracking. For days we waited for the package to arrive and it never did - tracking showed that it never left the main Brooklyn terminal. When I 'tracked' it psychically - I saw it lost in Brooklyn - yet no one had answers. Having 'connections' at the post office after 8 years of mailing books - I called in a favor (too many cop shows ... but that's Brooklyn) and got to talk to the person in charge. A few days later, he called to say the package wasn't there ... but I 'saw' it ... how hard is it to psychically track someone or something?! I stopped the check and reluctantly moved on ... but the story doesn't end here ...

On October 22, I found a pair of new pink pearl earrings on eBay for just under $10 ... no bidding, just a purchase - so I ordered them. I got the email memo that they would be arriving USPS between 10/27 - 11/1 from ....... Chandler, AZ. They never arrived by 11/1 .... 11/2 ... so when George was here we tracked the package and discovered it left AZ ... got as far as Brooklyn but was never delivered ... lost earrings again. The person selling them asked if I wanted my money back or another pair. I replied ... another pair ... he replied ... Whoops ... we didn't know we were out of them. Okay ... give me my money back ...

Back to Thursday

George and I had dinner with Pat for her birthday - lots of fun and laughs - especially as George and I are totally on the same page about our destinies here which might explain my dream about him. One of the things we discussed - that is totally clear to me - is that I am leaving here soon - not by death, accident, illness - too boring and not the way in which I come in and out of programs. Just going ... going ... going ...

As Pat and George were leaving, I accompanied them to the lobby so I could get my mail. Guess what?? The pink pearl earrings (pearls are DNA as are snakes) were waiting for me in my mailbox ... in perfect condition. Happily, I emailed the seller and closed the case. I am assuming he also received the tracking information that the package was delivered yesterday afternoon.

The story gets better

Friday morning I got a call from my daughter, Tracy, Joie's Mom as they were on their way to school. As they left their house ... the strangest thing happened. The largest stork Tracy has ever seen was standing on their front lawn apparently unafraid as it didn't fly away when they approached. Storks always remind me of Thoth - with his Ibis headed mask. Storks also represent birth and rebirth. stork symbolize - Storks are enemies of snakes.

We discussed the stork and then as we mentioned birds and feathers - Joie was excited to tell me that the package I sent her in August - with the feather earrings - had arrived yesterday - in perfect condition - and she was wearing her birthday present from grandma.

There's more ...

Tracy and her family have 4 cats - Charlie, Milford, Juliet and Crystal. Yesterday, one cat went missing ...gone ... disappeared from the house. Tracy didn't have to tell me which one ... It seems that Crystal disappeared. Tracy asked me if Crystal was dead. Before I could answer, I saw her using the 'psychic search tool' I taught her as simultaneously we both knew Crystal was alive and well somewhere. So Crystal (metaphor) is missing ... most likely off on an adventure. To be continued ...

There's more stories ... but I'm out of time ...

Reminder ... don't forget to watch Fringe tonight as Peter Bishop finally returns after coming through a portal and tying this blog up in a neat bow. It all begins ... and often ends at 9.

Thursday Memos and Things to Watch

Iran and Israel:

    There's lots in the news about WWIII started after Israel attacks Iran. Don't see it unless part of the closing moments of the program.


    Keeping watching Greece and all of Europe.

    Operation "Occupy" is politically contrived and controlled. Lots going on behind the scenes that you would find shocking. This doesn't end well. Pay attention then energies are accelerating.

2011 Halloween Nor'easter

    Clean-up continues slowly but surely. I still see what looks like black rectangular shaped monoliths (rectangles), of varying sizes and dimensions, above the grids. They have to do with anti-matter inserts that suddenly 'drop' into the program and create instant change. It will be curious to watch them as time resumes.

Sunday November 6

    Return to Standard Time in many parts of the world.

    New York Marathon as people prepare around the city

Tuesday November 8

    Election Day in the US. I follow none of it and will not blog about politics as it is all a farce.   Live Science - November 4, 2011 Next week, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will zip by Earth inside the orbit of the moon, marking the closest pass by such a big space rock in 35 years. The near-Earth asteroid, which is called 2005 YU55, will make its closest approach at 6:28 p.m. EDT (2228 GMT) on Nov. 8.

Wednesday November 9th: The first Nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System - whatever underlies that.

Friday 11/11/11:

    Many people plan to marry on that date.

    It's Veteran's Day in the US.

    I was interviewed about 11/11/11 by a member of the Agence France-Presse (AFP) a global wire service and will let you know when the story is posted.